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Gendered Trajectories pdf Gendered Trajectories , ebook Gendered Trajectories , epub Gendered Trajectories , doc Gendered Trajectories , e-pub Gendered Trajectories , Gendered Trajectories 5cc1c259658 Gendered Trajectories Explores Why Industrial Societies Vary In The Pace At Which They Reduce Gender Inequality And Compares Changes In Women S Employment Opportunities In Japan And Taiwan Over The Last Half Century Japan Has Undergone Much Less Improvement In Women S Economic Status Than Taiwan, Despite Its Advanced Economy And Greater Welfare Provisions The Difference Is Particularly Puzzling Because The Two Countries Share Many Institutional Practices And ValuesDrawing On Historical Trends, Survey Statistics, And Personal Interviews With People In Both Countries, Yu Shows How Country Specific Organizational Arrangements And Industrial Policies Affect Women S Employment In Particular, The Conditions Faced By Japanese And Taiwanese Women In The Workplace Have A Profound Effect On Their Labor Force Participation At Critical Points In Their Lives Women S Lifetime Employment Decisions In Turn Shape The Divergent Trajectories In Gender EqualityFew Studies Documenting The Development Of Women S Economic Lives Are Based On Non Western Societies And Even Fewer Adopt A Comparative Perspective This Perceptive Work Demonstrates And Underscores The Importance Of Understanding Gender Inequality As A Long Term, Dynamic Social Process

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