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Keep Cool, Mr. Jones pdf Keep Cool, Mr. Jones, ebook Keep Cool, Mr. Jones, epub Keep Cool, Mr. Jones, doc Keep Cool, Mr. Jones, e-pub Keep Cool, Mr. Jones, Keep Cool, Mr. Jones cefe4037df2 Maybe You Ve Been Murdered That S What Jupiter Jones Told The Four People He Had Just Delivered From The Hands Of Death In A Deep Freeze Really, It Was An Inescapable Conclusion, For The Cold Quartet Had Been Trapped With The Padlock On The Outside IT Was Hard To Believe That Anyone Would Kill Three Innocent People To Get At A Single Victim, Yet That S The Way You Had To Figure Itunless This Was Just A Large Economy Size Murder

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    In Keep Cool, Mr Jones 1950 , Ed Jupiter Jones has grown up, left Harvard, stopped professoring although he s still an academic at heart, and moved to the country for the quiet life with his lovely wife Betty and a nice place to raise their children He s put amateur detecting behind him Or so he thinks That works just fine until the night of the annual square dance in aid of raising funds for the local library at Jack Maney s place.Somebody decides to lock Maney and three of his guests in the walk in freezer when he takes them on a tour to show them his pheasants There are many people in the community who may have wanted to get their own back on Jack Maney whether through a practical joke or an attempted murder But who could have wanted it so badly that they would include three innocent people What may have been at best an ill considered practical joke soon leads to definite murder and revived rumors of a long lost treasure add a certain spice to the speculations.Maney s wife Slim asks Jones to investigate and, of course, Jupiter can t resist poking his nose into another caseSlim is pretty difficult to resist as well She promises him a reward that even the dedicated family man can t resist But before...

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    Edmund Jones formerly nicknamed Jupiter is now a staid suburban husband and father, but his detective persona comes out when four people are locked in a large freezer at a party Jones gets them out before damage ensues, but it makes him wonder who would be willing to kill three innocent people to get rid of one The next morning, the part time chief of police is found dead, and J...

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    Poor beat up, broken bound paperback I really enjoyed Copyright in 1950, according to the book A clean and interesting story.

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