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  • Trade Paperback
  • 245 pages
  • Villa Incognito
  • Tom Robbins
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9780553382198

10 thoughts on “Villa Incognito

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    This is probably the worst Tom Robbins I ve ever read Which isn t to say that it isn t funny It is It is very funny, with lots of excellent lines and clever little observations The problem is that the characterizations, even for parody, even for humor, are flat and contrived, the philosophy espoused is pedestrian, even for a college freshman seriously, can t people just get over their realizations that Columbus didn t discover the Americas Is it really so profound that you have been told a lie of fact even as you are being told a truth of consequences , and the political commentary is so incensed that it lies down on the traintracks of talking head babble Tom Robbins is better than this I found myself agreeing with all of his views and disagreeing with nearly all of the ways that he said things Gone from this novel is the depth of characterization and the complexity of the absurdity of the situations Here things mostly just happen, largely to characters that end up not mattering at all, almost entirely for reasons that are arbitrary Coincidence is fine when it brin...

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    This book came to me because the recommender asked what that funny statue was in my living room I replied, a tanuki He looked at me strangely, so I spelled tanuki out for him Then, much to my surprise, he said I read a book about tanukis and I thought they were made up by the author Well, Tom Robbins did not make up the story of the tanuki from scratch, but he did embellish on the Japanese legend Robbins is one of those rare authors where I stop for a second and think, how the hell did he come up with this He is creative without being unbelievable He writes as if you were having a direct conversation with him and not just merely reading a novel He doesn t explain every detail immediately, and let s the pieces fall into place as the reader moves along He is well versed in current events, mythology, philosophy, and pop culture In other words, he is a rarity.The plot jumps back and forth witho...

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    I did it all for Tanuki

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    Things I learned about myself whilst reading Tom Robbins Villa Incognito1 The word scrotum makes my mouth really uncomfortable It makes me simultaneously want to giggle and vomit, feelings which before now I thought were mutually exclusive The word Gonads, however, just makes me giggle 2 Any mention of Thomas Edison always makes me think of the TV show Student Bodies Bestiality makes me inappropriately snort chuckle loud enough to be heard by Chris while showering in another room Also, I m mean and like to wait like a tiger to pounce on him when he comes out of the bathroom with quotes that made me laugh like a deranged hyena 4 It s inappropriate to wake someone up with visual aid pictures of how large tanukis balls are This isn t something about me, it s just something I learned while reading this book However, getting back to the mean thing, it didn t stop me from laughing and doing it again Paint me like one of your French girls5 I m perversely ha...

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    The beginning of Tom Robbins Villa Incognito has all the hallmarks of a comedic fable For fans of satire, the lovable but lascivious Tanuki an ancient Japanese badger like creature with an enormous scrotum and love for women and booze ensnares the reader immediately The story to come, however, is much vaster than one might imagine Jumping back and forth in time, between countries, and between different characters, the plot thickens and raises many questions At about the half way point, the complicated relationships between characters start being revealed in titbits, making the read ever tantalizing.More than anything else, Tom Robbins demonstrates an almost unmatched power to create satire fit for belly laughs and description that will evoke sighs, smiles and tears Plot aside, every sentence is a delight to behold Embedded in Robbins story are several ethical messages relating to war, belief and pacifism Specifically, the issue of a suffering patient s right to die with the aid of drugs such as heroine to relieve their pain is explored As one character points out, why should we worry about a cancer patient s...

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    This has been on my Good Reads shelf for a long time with a two star rating because I didn t care for the plot or the book as a whole Today I m adding a star to my rating because I ran across a whole mess of stuff I d copied from the book The story s not that great, but Robbins makes some powerful statements about a lot of issues the planet as a whole is facing, and America specifically Why would they fell trees but leave men standing Trees are a damn sight useful than people, and everything in the world knows that except peopleTrees generate oxygen men just breathe it up, stink it up, and generally misuse it Trees hold the soil in place, men are constantly displacing it Trees provide shelter and protection to countless species, men threaten the existence of these species When in sufficient number, trees regulate atmospheric temperatures, men endanger the planet by knocking those regulations askew You can t rest in the shade of a human, not even a roly poly one isn t it refreshing that trees can undergo periodic change without having a nervous breakdown over it And which has dignity...

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    I really enjoy Tom Robbins very much, but this book just really fell flat with me I d read one or two other Robbins books just before this one, so perhaps it was partly just general Robbins fatigue, but Villa Incognito really felt like a lazy mishmash of generic Robbins themes and humor When I read this book most of the time my mind was going Blah blah beautiful pr...

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    By standard book standards, I would say that this is a four star book, easily.But by Tom Robbins standards, and he has set the bar for himself rather high I must say, this is just a mediocre three star book It starts off brilliantly and as someone living in Japan who not only runs into pictures of Tanuki, sees them quite often scampering across the highway when driving but also has a statue of one right out front my door, this was right up my alley and something which immediately piqued my interest.Then, in typical Tom Robbins style he introduces another story, seemingly unrelated at first glance, but of course you know he is going to weave them both together strand by strand.While he does this to marvellous effect in other books like Perfume Jitterbug fantastic and Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates brilliantly hilarious , there is something about this narrative that just doesn t quite gel Don t get me wrong, there are moments of brilliance and very witty comments but to my mind, and I might get sledged by serious Robbins fans for saying this but..this reads like a very promising FIRST DRAFT of a novel It is very unpolished by his standards If only he had done a little work on it, it could have been...

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About the Author: Tom Robbins

Thomas Eugene Robbins born July 22, 1936 in Blowing Rock, North Carolina is an American author His novels are complex, often wild stories with strong social undercurrents, a satirical bent, and obscure details His novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 1976 was made into a movie in 1993 directed by Gus Van Sant.