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Borrowed Time quotes Borrowed Time, litcharts Borrowed Time, symbolism Borrowed Time, summary shmoop Borrowed Time, Borrowed Time d39a79b7 She D Just Sold A Day In Her Life For A Million Dollars.When A Stranger Made An Unusual Request To Buy A Past Day Of Kathleen Welles S Life She Immediately Took The Offer She Sold That Wicked Wednesday, A Year Ago, When She D Behaved Like A Spoiled, Petulant Princess And Thrown Tantrums Over Trifles It Was The Day She D Lost The One Man She Could Ever Love Now She Was Living On Borrowed Time The Last Thing Kathleen Expected Was To Be Transported Back To The Very Day She D Sold Could She Smile At Silly Annoyances And Shamelessly Force Zachary Foster Info Love Everlasting She Had A Mere Twenty Four Hours To Make The Unwilling Zach Warm To Her And The Clock Was Ticking.

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