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    As seen on The Readventurer The Treasure Map of Boys is the third book about Ruby Oliver, a 16 year old girl unsure of what and who she wants in her life Ruby s life is messy and stressful and she always seems to be trying to figure out how to deal with her overbearing parents, ex boyfriend, potential boyfriends, her on and off friends, and undeserved reputation of a roly poly slut Once again, E Lockhart doesn t disappoint Her knowledge of the inner works of a teenage girl s mind is profound and portrayal of Ruby is extremely realistic, albeit often painfully so My only complaint is that in spite of a lot of self examination and sessions with her shrink, Ruby still appears to be stuck in the same place where she was at the beginning of The Boyfriend List Her inability to articulate what she feels and to be frank about her feelings with her friends is particularly frustrating in this installment compared to the previous two books So many problems in her life could have been avoided by honest communication I am not sure that I want Ruby to have a boyfriend at the end of this series any Her life is too wrapped up in boy business Her main goal should be to work on herself instead of angsting about inconsequential things Ruby is an interesting person and has a lot to offer, but she is absolutely incapable of handling relationships with guys at this point But the 4th and as far as I know last book is called Real Live Boyfriends Yes Boyfriends, plural If my life weren t complicated, I wouldn t be Ruby Oliver, so I am guessing a lot of boy drama is bound to take place Oh, Ruby, Ruby

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    Ruby Oliver, she of red lipstick, glasses, fishnets, vintage clothes, mystery novels, and old movies, is at the point where she needs to reevaluate her life, her goals, and her relationships, perhaps grow a backbone, and, well, draw a treasure map And so she does, in her trademark anxiety and quirk filled way, which is just Spankin with a side of ennui. Among the other lessons of adolescence Mocha Latte per Ruby s request, to avoid the immediate association with all the unpleasant things like pimples , Ruby has learned the value of friendship, having created a new friends circle of Meghan, Nora, and Noel She has learned that friendships are not only for happy times, but that they also demand sacrifices and difficult decisions And she dealt with this like a pro, making me SO PROUD of her There is a lot to be said for a girl who sticks by you when hardly anyone else at school will, and the two of us secretly sing ridiculous pop songs at the top of our lungs when she carpools me to school. But now the time has come to critically look at the relationships she s built and destroyed and ask herself a question how exactly does this whole friendship thing work How much are you expected to sacrifice How much are you expected to ask for in return Where is point when you ve had enough Which friends are real and which friends are not Is it worth hanging on to the friendships that are not as real as you would like And why is being treated like a dog actually not that bad And what is is that she, Ruby Oliver, actually wants And why was it that I had to lie to my friend in order to do the right thing by her In order to be a good person, I had to pretend I didn t feel the way I felt Was that what good people did Denied their feelings and acted fake And here s another reason why I adore Ruby Oliver books Ruby asks herself the tough questions She makes the hard choices She sometimes does the right thing, and sometimes does not But, unlike many teen heroines, she does not magically make everything right She gets it wrong quite a bit, and does not always learn from that She messes up like a real teenage girl would do There is no sugar sweet fake ending e.lockhart thankfully seems to steer clear of those I applauded Ruby for growing up quite a bit in the last book, and I stick by that Yes, she is still quite silly, and can be clueless, and yes, IS quite a bit boy obsessed but hey, to paraphrase her shrink, she is sixteen years old and heterosexual , and therefore a little obsession with boys is natural But her personal growth continues despite, or maybe because of, so many things getting in the way Like orange bras Frogs Laden with Meaning Mayonnaise chemistry Orange ponchos Bake sales say no to marshmallow Jesuses and yes to deliciousness Birkenstocks and smelly feet Offending pygmy goats Heavy metal therapy Carefully folded notes in her mail cubby Nora Noel Meghan Jackson Finn Hutch Gideon I love the person Ruby Oliver is growing up to be I love her developing assertiveness and willingness to work out her issues I love that she really tries to do the right thing I love that she finally learns to stand up for herself, painful as it may be I love that she continues to figure herself out, and does not let a few stumbling blocks stop her I love that she sticks for what she believes in I love that she comes to realize many things that quite a few of us are still struggling with in adulthood Riding into the sunset with your true love with your hair looking gorgeous is one example of many Sometimes, people do cut you slack and forgive you and want you anyway Sometimes they do And when they do, even if it s not a happy ending, it is delicious. The first Ruby Oliver book was all about Ruby making mistakes and learning that her actions have consequences Oh, and frogs. The second book saw Ruby humbled and mature, working on her friendships Oh, and llamas. This book is about Ruby finally learning to assert herself, questioning the value of friendships, and confronting her Rabbit Fever Oh, and let s not forget the Great Dane Polka Dot. I just can t wait to see what book four has in store Go Ruby 4.5 stars By the way, here is a link to an awesome review by Catie, whose love for Ruby Oliver books convinced me to give them a try and it was so worth it And, if you care, here are my ramblings about the first and the second Ruby Oliver books.

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    The fourth book in this series is most definitely my favorite, but it s this one that really cemented Ruby Oliver into my fictional soul sister for life hall of fame forever and ever In book two, Ruby was struggling to be a better friend to be considerate and thoughtful while at the same time stand up for herself and respect her own feelings But how far should she go in the name of friendship How much should she sacrifice It s easier to see that line with frenemies like Kim and bad news boys like Jackson, but what about friends she genuinely cares about and wants to keep How much of herself should she repress in order to do so And why was it that I had to lie to my friend in order to do the right thing by her In order to be a good person, I had to pretend I didn t feel the way I felt Was that what good people did Denied their feelings and acted fake I think that this is Ruby s book about taking a stand It s about recognizing her real friends and saying goodbye to bad ones And for the friends who lie somewhere in between, it s about vocalizing all of her thoughts and grievances and feelings, and giving them a chance to respond Maybe it will destroy the friendship, or maybe it will forge even stronger bonds, but either way it s better than repressing everything And I absolutely love that Ruby doesn t ever get everything right Two of my favorite aspects of this series as a whole are Ruby s parents Ruby s mom is a serial health craze follower, performance artist, poor listener, and a loud mouth Ruby s dad is a specialty gardener, kumbaya lover, emotional analyzer, and is generally irresponsible They both make a ton of mistakes, don t really get Ruby, and argue with each other at almost every turn AND YET And yet, they are both caring parents who have a healthy marriage I love this passage from Ruby In life, there s no happily ever after into the sunset There s a marriage, complete with arguments, bad hair, lost hair, mentally unstable children, weird diets, dogs that fur up the couch, not enough money Like my parents That s their life I just described but then, there they were, talking on the phone about my dad massaging my mom s groin area after yoga cuddling on the couch holding hands and wearing stupid Great Dane paraphernalia.That s all we can really hope for In fact, I think it s as close to happily ever after as things get The ability of E Lockhart to write quirky, hilarious, three dimensional characters who I inevitably fall in love with is amazing Perfect Musical PairingCyndi Lauper I Don t Want To Be Your FriendThis song is such an anthem I loved seeing Ruby finally stand up and tell Jackson exactly how she felt And the showdown at the CHUBS bake sale was hilarious No Ms Passive Nice Girl, Ruby Also seen on The Readventurer.

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    What does Ruby Oliver have that has me going through her books one after another It s not like she s perfect, she is so far from being perfect She s boy crazy Or maybe just plain crazy She s slightly neurotic Make that very neurotic Her friends Suck Let s face it, they do suck Boo She is completely aware of the fact that she does not know what she wants But with the help of the awesome Dr Z, some bitchy llamas, zoo animals that don t judge, and her parents, the new dog named Polka Dot that s slowly changing Her observations are hilarious Her lists, while hilarious in their own right, managed strike at the truth too I d copy paste all her lists but you d miss out on all the fun Basically, this story is honest, sometimes painful, but almost always funny So, Read This Read all of Ruby s stories.4.5 5

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    Another great book in the Ruby Oliver series This series is such fun but also offers great messages for teen girls and really for adults too Ruby continues on her path through high school, standing her ground when pushed and dealing with high school drama issues This one started off slightly slower than the first two, but once in to the book I did not want to stop It is funny, enlightening and just pure enjoyment.

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    Oh this one you guys Everyone.How bad does it hurt seeing Ruby have trouble She is so mad and so trying She s learned how to stick up for herself but that sometimes makes things worse The fight at the zoo, and Nora still judging her, and every single time she dissolves into another panic attack, which get so much worse in this book I lost count.I love the Tate Boys Bake campaign And the fight with the older girl, and the scene there at the bake sale With Jackson, when she says what she thinks I cried on the subway.The chapter titles are particularly good And the emulsions Am not super excited I caught the misspelling in Hilary Duff s name Not Hillary YA is a little perilous, I guess.In addition, I am tempted to try this my therapist says you have to get me a really big dog thing at home..Edit 7 21 11 Whenever I think about how much I loved the things that happened in this book, I totally feel like I five starred it, so Up we go.

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    Initial Thoughts I ll wholeheartedly admit I shadow read this between four other books I was supposed to be reading, and ended up finishing this one far sooner than I thought I think this is my favorite book in the series so far The ending was just the touch I needed I think I might have another book crush to consider as well.Full review The Treasure Map of Boys is the third novel in E Lockheart s Ruby Oliver series, and if you think that Ruby catches a break in this novel after the events of the last, you would be quite wrong Ruby s still contending with the ups and downs of high school, family, and her overall social life It s not an easy road considering one of her only friends Nora crushes on the one guy Noel who s approached and taken an interest in her since the whole fallout from the first novel Not to mention she has to contend with ups and downs surrounding her employment, seemingly expressed interest from quite a few other boys Finn, Hutch, and Gideon AND a rocky reunion with Jackson who just so happens to be single again go figure.Ruby s voice is just as humorous in this novel as the previous two, but somehow this novel hit a little closer to home for me considering Ruby has to deal with quite a bit of fallout as the relationships she comes to consider turn out to be not as clear cut as she thought they were, and in drawing the treasure map of boys that Dr Z gave her as a therapeutic tool, she realizes she s at of a loss with certain events than ever before, which bring along some rather jarring panic attacks.I think this book had a clear cut resolution arc than the last two novels, and the ending of this one was particularly sweet in my eyes I loved the cast of characters, their interactions light as well as tough, and the peppering of humor that s so close to the heart of this series I ll admit I developed of a reader crush on Noel because he s such a sweetheart and its fun to watch his interactions with Ruby in the lighter moments I ll admit also that my like of him has to do with the Fruit Roll up love he has, but I have no shame.This was a very good story, and I can t wait to see how things round out in the next book in the Ruby Oliver series I think this particular one is my favorite for the narrative arc, the navigation of some nice arcs which Ruby experiences her respective highs and lows, and ultimately the turn the narrative takes to have Ruby come to terms with her ongoing relationships.Overall score 4.5 5

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    Ruby s just had winter break and is back at school, Tate Prep She s still friends with Meghan and Nora as well as Noel and Hutch She s struggling with her feelings for Noel but she won t tell him she likes him because Nora likes him plus she s currently in the state of Noboyfriend Her panic attacks are almost non existent now but she s still seeing her psych, Dr Z Her homework for therapy is to create a treasure map of positive relationships.The Treasure Map of Boys by E.Lockhart is my favourite book of the Ruby Oliver series Once again Ruby is a delight to read about and Emily shows just how good she is at writing about the inner thoughts of teenage girls.Poor Ruby, she can never catch a break Nora revealed her feelings for Noel and instead of letting Nora know that she too has feelings for Noel, Ruby keeps them to herself which I knew would lead to problems later on Ruby is still her funny, self conscious, observant self In this story her observations again rang true for me, I liked her mention of how no one ever thinks of a child as someone who has to live in the middle of a marriage, something that has had a big influence on Ruby, about how the love from an animal is never conditional but love from another human almost always is and how in order to be nice to her friend, she has to lie and put her feelings aside instead of being honest.I was so happy with the progress Ruby made, even though she s still making little mistakes, she s constantly learning and manages to stand up for herself Towards the end of the book I was cheering her when she makes a big decision regarding Jackson, go Roo There were also a lot of moments that made me awww and eeeeei out loud, most of them involving Noel but also Hutch, who I think is a really fantastic friend.Again bonus points for vegetarian and raw food references I spent the last thirty or so pages alternatively laughing and crying, which is my favourite way to react to the end of a book This series is so fun but also insightful and like I said in previous reviews, if you re a YA contemp fan, you must read this series

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    Re read in February 2012.What can I say Ruby Oliver has dazzled me yet again She is the voice of the female species, or at least, the neurotic half of it.Regardless of how many times I revisit Ruby s story, I never fail to find something new to love about her She s the kind of girl we ve all been and while we, as Ruby, should all strive to be better, who she is is kind of awesome Over the years, The Ruby Oliver series has become a bit of a guilty pleasure Something that I delve into when I m feeling girly and want something light to read without having to make allowances in the character plot dialog department.In The Treasure Map of Boys, it seems dear Roo can t catch a break Just when she has finally gotten a handle on her panic attacks, formed a new group of friends, and has begun an enjoyable internship at the city zoo, it s all turned on its feet Roo gets firedJackson sends her a frog laden with meaningNoel is flirting and sending her notesGideon sits with his thigh touching hersNora is ignoring her once againAnd Roo has just met Doctor Z s fungi footed boyfriend.Could things get any complicated The answer is yes, yes they can The Treasure Map of Boys does not disappoint Filled with bake sale stand offs, emulsions of the kitchen variety, hair band therapy, goat correspondence, Operation Sopho Love, bodyguard duty and , we are once again transported into the quirky, neurotic mind of our beloved Ruby Oliver.

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The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver, #3) download The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver, #3), read online The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver, #3), kindle ebook The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver, #3), The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver, #3) ee9be1b07d74 Ruby Is Back At Tate Prep, And It S Her Thirty Seventh Week In The State Of Noboyfriend Her Panic Attacks Are Bad, Her Love Life Is Even Worse, And What S Noel Is Writing Her Notes, Jackson Is Giving Her Frogs, Gideon Is Helping Her Cook, And Finn Is Making Her Brownies Rumors Are Flying, And Ruby S Already Sucky Reputation Is Heading Downhill Not Only That, She S Also Running A Bake Sale, Learning The Secrets Of Heavymetal Therapy, Encountering Some Seriously Smelly Feet, Defending The Rights Of Pygmy Goats, And Bodyguarding Noel From Unwanted AdvancesIn This Companion Novel To The Boyfriend List And The Boy Book, Ruby Struggles To Secure Some Sort Of Mental Health, To Understand What Constitutes A Real Friendship, And To Find True Love If Such A Thing Exists