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The Sight summary The Sight, series The Sight, book The Sight, pdf The Sight, The Sight 15400a364f In The Shadow Of An Abandoned Castle, A Wolf Pack Seeks Shelter The She Wolf S Pups Will Not Be Able To Survive The Harsh Transylvanian Winter And They Are Being Stalked By A Lone Wolf, Morgra, Possessed Of A Mysterious And Terrifying Power Known As The Sight Morgra Knows That One Of The Pups Born Beneath The Castle Holds A Key To Power Even Stronger Than Her Own Power That Could Give Her Control Of This World And The Next But The Pack She Hunts Will Do Anything To Protect Their Own, Even If It Means Setting In Motion A Battle That Will Involve All Of Nature, Including The Creature The Wolves Fear The Most Man

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    I thought I would love The Sight because it s about wolves but the author knows nothing about wolf behavior and it s annoying me The things he makes mistakes on are basic behaviors I feel he was lazy and didn t do his research He could have found this stuff out in a matter of minutes For example, all wolves participate in the rearing of the pups, the author has only the females taking care of the pups Fact when pups are born, all members of the pack male and female secrete prolactin, the nurturing hormone , resulting in all members assisting in the rearing the pups This is integral to the bonding process that is the single most important aspect of the wolfpack.The author has non family members in the same pack This is a rare occurance as packs are formed of blood ties, family members, again, integral to the bonding process On the rare occasion when a pack accepts an outsider, that wolf is given the lowly and undesirable positon of Omega The author has an outsider as the Omega but he makes the mistake of having other members as outsiders and non family members And the biggest faux paw you get the pun is having a second breeding couple Never would a couple usurp the Alpha male and female s right to be the sole procreators, for many reasons, the most important being it s not in the best interest of the pack, the pack could not sustain such a large number of pups with 2 breeding couples A couple must leave and form it s own pack if it wants to breed The author also makes the mistake of the timing of the births, the non cooperation of the pack, these things just cannot be if a pack is to survive Another mistake an enemy pack walking mere feet away from our pack, and the rival pack doesn t smell them It s all about the scent for wolves, they don t rely on sight It s just so inaccurate that I won t bore you with the myriad mistakes I ve found because we could be here a long time When I read a book, even novels, I want the author to do his research And Clement Davies is seriously lacking in this area It s too bad, because it might have been a better book.Besides all the inaccuracies, it s just not that interesting It could have been, with the legends the author added but he goes about it too slow I m halfway through and not much has happened with the legend since the initial hook I don t rush to get back to it I can t continue with this book at this point, maybe at another time Some months later I eventually went back and finished it and my rating stands for the same reasons as halfway through The only reason I finished it is I believe I can t say I hated a book with finality until I ve finished it And I think it ll get better which they never do, sigh I can definitively say This Book Sucks from start to finish.

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    This was a young teenage favourite of mine, which I found comfort in returning to whenever the world got too much to handle I would begin and drop the book at random intervals sometimes starting the book from the last place I left off, other times at the beginning, but often from whatever chapter the book fell open at.I have no idea why exactly it brought me so much solace, as much of the events that occur are startlingly bleak I can only imagine that it brought me peace to channel my young teenage angst into events so far displaced from reality That, combined with this being my first introduction to fiction of this type, made this one of my beloved favourites and it will forever hold a nostalgic place in my heart.Returning to it as an adult didn t bring with it exactly the same level of joy but I still appreciated the story and will forever reserve a special place in my heart for this book.

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    Beautiful jacket cover and a wonderful story If you are patient enough, I think you will find this tale of myth and magic to be powerfully captivating This novel might be looked upon as similar to a wolf version of Watership Down I like the style and prose of David Clement Davies, and enjoyed this book enough to order the sequel, Fell.

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    It was a stunning book Stunning I mean, it hit me and grabbed onto me and sucked me right into it.I guess I do have to admit, it was a hard read 500 pages of very long stuff If you start scanning the book, you get utterly confused.And everyone dies The main character dies All the good characters die It s heartbreaking for the most part DepressingBut it was extremely vivid, and as soon as you re drawn into the story, it is amazing The Sight is that type of book that makes your heart start beating fast, and you fall in love with the characters.The Sight is a wolf book The or less average fantasy role playing plot those online forums which players write in words and roleplay as their own fictional characters for a overall story Basically, in one sentence, the Sight is described as A family of wolves is torn apart where the main character must stop these evil wolves from enslaving everything, while one by one everyone dies.It s a pretty hard book to get into, and you absolutely have to read very carefully the book Meaning, if you don t, you still won t be able to tell the difference between a Drappa and Dragga by the end of the book There s a lot of made up words in the wolf language, and paying attention to the somewhat boring beginning is everything.Most of all just read I hear people I have cried from reading this heartwrenching book It s very emotional.

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    The Sight seems to be right up my ally, ancient evil, families a feudin, dark woods, winter and wolves Checks a lot my boxes we are go for launch, butthis book has a few problems for me that start impeding my enjoyment of this book pretty early on Now I have said it before I will say it again I LOVE wolves , but these wolves are the characters of the book it is their wolf pack that is a feudin with another evil wolf pack Hmmmthis concept just did not work for me and I don t know if was in delivery of it by way of the author or what, but every time something bad went down like super suspenseful and or dramatic, I expected the lead wolf to go Which seems to take away from the creditability of the book, non But there were other things too, a lot of the facts about the wolves were not exactly um true, I love wolves and I am no expert, but David Attenborough has taught me a few things and this book was like opposite I decided that these were magic wolves and applied the same rules you would to unicorns.Also they had awful names which I just could not get behind, that being said they were wolves and if one of them was Linda or Barb, I guess that would have been an issue as well.And then the wolves got a bit frisky a bit amorous. and NOPE..Uh uhJessi OUT

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    Wow Wow is probably the only word that really describes this book From its begining to amazing ending, David Clemet Davies The Sight is definately one of the best books I ve ever read.In its first chapter, Clement Davies introduces us to the strange and dangerous world of ancient Transylvania through the eyes of a wolf Transylvania is both riveting and terrifying, where danger and beauty is everywhere In a vast forest, we meet Huttser and his mate Palla, two alpha wolves, the head pair of a wolf pack The pack is running away from Palla s half sister, Morgra, who has taken control of the Balkar, a large group of fighting wolves that used to protect the free packs Palla is heavily pregnant Little does the pack know, but Huttser and Palla are about to become the parents of a she wolf who is blessed with an ancient power called the Sight What was a race for one wolf pack to survive suddenly becomes a war between good and evil when the pack learns about a terrifying prophecy.According to an ancient legend that Morgra is bent on fufilling, this she wolf, Larka, is the key to the enslavement of nature itselfif Larka chooses to join her aunt David Clemet Davies works are always a joy for me to read His writing is riveting and his views on nature is fastinating He breathes depth and reality into his characters, especially Morgra and Larka He created a tragic story behind Morgra s evil which really makes the reader want to sympasize with her Larka is a bit annoying at first She cleary doesn t want anything to do with the legend or Morgra Guilt consumes her when most of her pack is killed off by her aunt s powers, which just gives her meaning She is so young when all of this begins, so it s really easy to understand the way she feels And, eventually, she really matures and grasps her destiny She deeply believes that love can and will stop the legend Her faith is touching and unshakable, and it didn t just come out of nowhere It grew in her heart over time, which enlightens her with depth David Clemet Davies gives us a breathtaking view of the life of the wild wolf, and only makes it colorful with eerie fantasy based loosly on ancient Romanian legends He clearly did his research before writing.Though this is a fantasy, his characters still feel believable He is able to give them an amazing amount of feeling while still managing to keep them wolfish You always remember that you re reading about wolves when you read The supporting characters are simply wonderful in every sense of the word This story is long, though, and you do need to kind of force yourself along, but with the great writing and characters, you still want to keep going The begining is a little slow, but I barely noticed that.

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    This has been on my currently reading for too long without me picking it up or showing the slightest interest in getting back to it I really enjoyed it the first time I read it but it s time for this copy to move along to a new home Melodramatic and overly wordy My brain wants me to keep FELL mainly bc of the glorious cover, but having not finished this I think I may pass that along as well So sorry to Steph and Julie for keeping you guys waiting 3

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    I m not sure what to make of this story of telepathic wolves It feels like the book is cleaved unevenly in two, so 2 3 of it is bad and the last 1 3 is enjoyable.In this first cleave, the dialogue is horrible, the narration describes too little and action is glazed over so quickly it left me wondering did something just happen In a single paragraph as many as three character s points of view are given, and this flip flopping changes the story s focus so much that it s hard to get a grip on what s happening.But when I crossed into the last third of the book, much of the bad dialogue, polluting adverbs he wrote suddenly , confusing POV flipping, and hazy descriptions disappeared and what followed was a surprisingly well written ending It was like watching a writer s style mature as he wrote.The ending is exciting, but the beginning and middle are so badly written that the meaning is lost If the author had taken the first 2 3 through another draft to clarify the enormous amount of back story and get rid of the POV flipping, then it would match the ending and make sense.Honestly, it felt like this could ve been great My hat s off to Mr Clement Davies for creating a potentially mind blowing story, but coming just short of bringing it into the light.

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    Buddy read with Ashley Stephanie I remember really really loving Fire Bringer, which is what led to reading this book plus WOLVES, I love wolves I thinnnnnk Clement Davies earlier book was better, but my memories are so hazy that it s hard to tell whether it s just nostalgia colouring my view.Ultimately, I m going with 3 stars for this it could go up for some aspects, could go down for others, so I m resting firmly middle of the line.Clement Davies worldbuilding is really the best part of the whole book I really enjoy his vision of wolf society and their belief systems the world of The Sight is steeped in Christian theology, Norse and Greek mythology, Transylvanian Balkan history, fairytales, and Dracula Even a nod towards Arthurian myth, too, because Morgra is reminiscent of Morgan le Fay Morgana, complete with her black raven familiar and dark magic she channelled serious Disney Villainess vibes in pretty much every single one of her scenes And I m spoiling the moment, but one of my oh gosh, this is wonderful reactions was when one wolf told a tale that you eventually recognise as Cain Abel, seen through the lens of a reversed Red Riding Hood.But Unfortunately, at almost 500 pages, this book is just too long and wordy for what it is The language is relatively complicated, but imo it could should have been a much faster, punchier, edited down read, especially since the plot itself is pretty surface level and straightforward I just kept thinking how much I want to see this as a kids animated movie instead along the lines of Balto or something just wreck me now , especially since the cheesy plot might work better in animated form rather than text.I wish I d read this back when it came out, because then it probably would have been my EVERYTHING Today, though, it hasn t aged all that well, mostly because everything is SO MELODRAMATIC The villainess practically cackles I ll get you, my pretty as lightning cracks overhead I laughed out loud at that scene because it was 2 much.I ve also grown much, much less tolerant of Chosen One narratives and prophecies, because they feel like predictably ticking off the boxes, events unfolding the way they were always meant to unfold, and it strips characters of their agency Instead, my favourite thing is characters railing against their fates and prophecies and thus inadvertently shooting themselves in the foot and bringing about their own downfall holla, Oedipus I do really appreciate that the Chosen One was the female wolf, though, and that she was our heroine, when it so easily could have been her brother Fell or friend Kar.It was an enjoyable enough read, but felt like it went veeeery slowly for my usual pace I wouldn t actively recommend it to people, but I didn t dislike it either, so it really just falls right down the middle the worldbuilding still being the main redeeming factor I ll probably still pick up the sequel at some point, but not immediately Random points Putting on the obligatory disclaimer the concept of alpha and beta wolves is a wrong and outdated myth We should all stop propagating it in our fiction It s not actually a werewolf book, but the legends of the Man Varg are rampant enough that I m shelving it as such anyway They namedropped Rannoch from Fire Bringer And I think he may have cameoed towards the end there I mean, I m assuming it was him, but I honestly can t remember if he survived the events of his book Spoilery notes about the ending view spoiler I really like that last page and got feelsy about the final lines, and how it all circled back again and echoed theology some I liked the environmental message while it was happening an important thing for kid readers to hear about , but what was actually the point of the plot in this entire book If the wolves are already forgetting Larka s vision, then why did all this happen How are the wolves going to help bring about a breed of psychic environmentalist humans Is it all on Bran In that case, was this all technically a prelude to a strapping male human Chosen One saving the world They stopped Morgra, sure, but that just doesn t feel Significant Enough as an achievement for me, idk I honestly cannot decide how I feel about Larka s death On the one hand hooray for authors being brave enough to kill their main characters and stick with it I had a fleeting moment of being SO AFRAID that Clement Davies would, to be crass, pussy out and find a way out of it, like too many authors have done with Foretold Deaths I am sick and tired of Chosen Ones dying and then coming back On the other hand, I m not especially enamoured with stories where our female protagonist has to sacrifice herself for everyone else because she s too good, too pure for this world On the other other hand, she s their Jesus figure, so it s par for the course Ugh, I dunno The twist about Wolfbane was the most blatantly telegraphed, obvious reveal that I feel like could only take middle grade readers by surprise Then again, I was primed by knowing that the second book in the series is called Fell hide spoiler

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    Did Not FinishSometimes after reading a book this is you, OMG, what were they talking about The book was freaking AWESOME And other times you re like, Wow, I really wish I had listened to those hate comments That s me Bad writing, fake wolf behavior, confusing, just to name a few problems.Let me get two things straight first, I LOVE wolves, and I LOVE fantasy So why wouldn t I LOVE this book Let me tell you why I didn t with many examples.Fake Wolf Behavior As Bran padded inside, he pushed accidentally against Huttser, who turned and snarled at him Bran jumped sideways, creeping back to the edge of the wall in submission and showing his throat to the Dragga.Showing his throat Seriously Shouldn t it say he rolled onto his back, which is the highest position of submission No Okay, how about he pushed his ears back, another sign of submission No Alright then wolves do not show their throat in submission Another example below Wolves rarely look at each other directly in the eye for fear they might raise the other s anger.First off, wolves are all about eye contact That is one of the main ways they communicate Yes, sometimes eye contact can be used to give a warning glare, but it s not usual among pack mates The author did not do his research at all.The Confusing Parts Throughout the book the wolves use words from their own language, such as Dragga and Drappa At first I m thinking this is pretty cool, then we get introduced to Sikla, Varg, Putnar, and Herla That s a lot of words to remember what they all mean But no problem, right Surely the author will explain them a lot so we can catch on Yeah, no We get a single explanation for each word, and then we re expected to remember it forever Awesome.The Cringe Parts They re so very little, Huttser I know, Palla The parents fell silent for both knew the harsh laws of survival and how much danger faces young cubs in the world. Well, we shall have to feed you up, Palla, said Huttser tenderly at last, so your milk is as rich as sunlight We ll bury the others outside the den, Huttser, beneath the birch tree Am I the only one who was annoyed by the constant use of names within the speech At first it was cheesy, now it s just annoying.Did I Mention That The Sight Is A Freaking History Book Huttser was right, for this was the time before the coming of Stephen the Great, the Hungarian king and fabled defender of Christendom, when a new threat had arisen like a specter in the East Even now Ottoman Turks, who came from the southern lands and adhered to nothing of the Christians beliefs, pressed hard at the haunches of eastern Europe and belief fought belief, as power wrestled power.Someone please tell me how this is relevant to the storyline PLEASE.The Writing Let s be fair, the author obviously did a good amount of world building It shows quite plainly from the wolf language to the wolf belief system The editing was good too, as far as punctuation and grammar goes As for the actual writing, you might be able to see how bad it is from my examples.I don t think I made it far enough into the book to get a really good idea of the storyline, but I think it s mainly about this wolf that is hunting the pack She is called Morgra and is suppose to have a power called the Sight, although some wolves don t believe in the power The plot I found very interesting, and I was often wondering about Morgra The author did a great job at creating suspense, only for the reasons above was the book ruined for me.End Notes I really can t understand how this book ever got to an average of 4 stars Nonetheless, I will probably come back to this book to see if my opinion of it changed I doubt it will, but I am willing to give it another shot.

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