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    This book is the most comprehensive from Aristotle about animal reproduction and causes Talks a bit about anatomy of sexual organs on animals, and respective sex positions adapted to it Check whether the semen comes from the entire body,here it seems to be a discussion about DNA, obviously unknown at the time He remembers that the embryo has the nutritive soul potentially, even though not actually, important aspect to consider against abortion.After addressing human reproduction with mixed biological and philosophical perspectives, Aristotle goes on to other species, which is rather boring, like talking about horses, birds, etc On the last chapter the subject turns back to something which would fit better history of animals or parts of animals , as the causes for certain parts of animals, like the existence of hair, and things like baldness, touted comically as originated due to sex, as the body gets co...

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    On the Generation of Animals by Aristotle and translated by Arthur Platt is an ancient biological treatise on reproduction The work is divided into five books which deal with the subject in a very complete manner The first book scientifically discusses the different male and female reproductive organs as they exist in the various animals At times this section reminds me of a biology textbook and at other times like what I learned in health class in high school The thing is for the most part he was very accurate in so much as could be observed by the science of his day The second book deals with the logical basis for Aristotle s views on reproduction In many ways especially after the first section this section appears very ignorant and superstitious He spends much of his time dealing with the ideas of the four elements and how they contribute to semen and menstrual fluid As is often the case in Aristotle s scientific work there are weird mixtures of accurate information with ideas which are completely based on false axioms The second half of the second book focuses on the development of a fetus in the viviparous creatures which are those who give live birth While Aristotle comes to the incorrect idea that the heart is the center of being this was not uncommon in early biology and he goes about every step in which a fetus develops The third book focuses on how oviparous creatures which are egg laying develop While Aristotle had a completely inaccurate idea about...

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    You spend your afternoons mucking about tide pools, see how useful a biology you construct.

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Generation of Animals summary pdf Generation of Animals, summary chapter 2 Generation of Animals, sparknotes Generation of Animals, Generation of Animals 28e4117 Aristotle, Great Greek Philosopher, Researcher, Reasoner, And Writer, Born At Stagirus In 384 BCE, Was The Son Of Nicomachus, A Physician, And Phaestis He Studied Under Plato At Athens And Taught There 367 47 Subsequently He Spent Three Years At The Court Of A Former Pupil, Hermeias, In Asia Minor And At This Time Married Pythias, One Of Hermeias S Relations After Some Time At Mitylene, In 343 2 He Was Appointed By King Philip Of Macedon To Be Tutor Of His Teen Aged Son Alexander After Philip S Death In 336, Aristotle Became Head Of His Own School Of Peripatetics , The Lyceum At Athens Because Of Anti Macedonian Feeling There After Alexander S Death In 323, He Withdrew To Chalcis In Euboea, Where He Died In 322 Nearly All The Works Aristotle Prepared For Publication Are Lost The Priceless Ones Extant Are Lecture Materials, Notes, And Memoranda Some Are Spurious They Can Be Categorized As Follows I Practical Nicomachean Ethics Great Ethics Magna Moralia Eudemian Ethics Politics Oeconomica On The Good Of The Family Virtues And Vices II Logical Categories On Interpretation Analytics Prior And Posterior On Sophistical Refutations Topica III Physical Twenty Six Works Some Suspect Including Astronomy, Generation And Destruction, The Senses, Memory, Sleep, Dreams, Life, Facts About Animals, Etc.IV Metaphysics On Being As Being.V On Art Art Of Rhetoric And Poetics VI Other Works Including The Athenian Constitution Works Also Of Doubtful Authorship.VII Fragments Of Various Works Such As Dialogues On Philosophy And Literature And Of Treatises On Rhetoric, Politics And Metaphysics The Loeb Classical Library R Edition Of Aristotle Is In Twenty Three Volumes.

  • Hardcover
  • 688 pages
  • Generation of Animals
  • Aristotle
  • Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
  • 13 February 2017
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