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    I won this here on Goodreads and it couldn t have been timely My husband JUST incorporated and started his own business By default, that kind of means we started a business I opened this book full of hope, but DNFed it very early in chapter one I disagree with the definition of entrepreneur the author is basing the book on That s far too basic a tenet to disagree on and come to a mutual understanding on a matter Interestingly, I showed the book to my husband when it arrived and he scoffed, stating, Entrepreneur is just one of this BS buzz words that means someone works to make money by moving money That s not an exit quote Turns out there s a reason I married that man, he seems to be right if a little overly generalized about the intent, if not the exact buzz word s definition My problem started with some of those Wickman chose to specifically exclude from definitional entrepreneurial ship and solidified with, To qualify, they have to rapidly grow their companies from scratch or take over a family business and make a truly significant change He seems to require success as the marker of an entrepreneur, only to be known after the fact It s like a personal trainer who is only interested in working with beautiful, instragram worthy youths who are already in shape , while ignoring the middle aged mother of two, or elderly stroke victim because they don t fit the expected image of success No matter how hard they work, their success will look different than a 25 year old s I see no indication that Wickman will make exceptions for this The tone is just a little too snobbishly elitist of my taste But then, I imagine those that fit Wickman s narrow definition of entrepreneur will enjoy this quite a lot.

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    I won this book on Goodreads This book really resonates with me I found this book to be an eye opener for many reasons My business partner and I started a business a couple years ago from scratch and have been considering restructuring it into something different so I was drawn towards this book I have been feeling a pull towards trying something different and the author was able to put it in words that I couldn t I meet a majority of the traits of a true entrepreneur but not all the criteria and the type of person I am is much suited towards a lifestyle entrepreneur meaning following a certain niche that I am geared towards, this book explains that I have also witnessed a family business turned to dust once the father passed it along to his son and totally destroyed it, all that remains in that location is literally dirt, no buildings, homes, just nothing but dirt The author explains whether or not one should or should not become an entrepreneur and that not all people can be entrepreneurs and sometimes family businesses are destroyed once passed down due to lack of certain traits within that person The author expresses very well that certain traits should be meet before venturing into becoming an entrepreneur otherwise there are other jobs out there to excel in.

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