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Luffs (Transcendence, #1.5) pdf Luffs (Transcendence, #1.5) , ebook Luffs (Transcendence, #1.5) , epub Luffs (Transcendence, #1.5) , doc Luffs (Transcendence, #1.5) , e-pub Luffs (Transcendence, #1.5) , Luffs (Transcendence, #1.5) fbe36003cb6 Reading Luffs Transcendence, 1.5 By Shay Savage Once Upon A Time, You Fell In Love With A Caveman.His Needs Were Basic, His Ambitions Primal, His Love Fierce.Now, Fall In Love With Ehd All Over Again Through Beh S Eyes.Luffs Shay Savage S Holiday Gift To Transcendence Fans Everywhere Coming November 20th

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    I have fallen completely in luff with Ehd all over again And oh my gosh, those nose rubs We get Beh s POV this go around,like bits and pieces of the full storyline, and I couldn t help but smile from beginning to end Now, I long to go back and re read one of my all time favorite romances, Transcendence, and bask in their unique and splendid love story.Note I cannot recommend or encourage you enough to first read Transcendence to get the full...

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    As soon as I found out that Shay Savage was releasing this I was stalking its ass off waiting for release day..Transcendence was one of my most favourite books of all time..Even this cover brings all the feels

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    5 stars for Ehd only It was so great to revisit Beh and Ehd s story I finally got some old questions answered I wanted to drop some stars because this book was so short and the time jumps and hurried scenes feltlike a recapped overview but ...

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    Luffs is a beautiful addition to Transcendence which I really loved It was nice to read about Ehd and Beh again through Beh s eyes I think this novella is a great gift to fans of Transcendence I have to admit that a couple of scenes brought tears to my eyes, but overall it was light and fun.

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    I don t even know what to say apart from that this was so disappointing, it felt rushed with time jumps that left me dizzy and finished so abruptly.So many missed opportunities here, so frustrating.

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    Loved getting back to this story this time from Beth s or Beh, as Ehd says POV Now I ve started reading Transcedence all over again

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    i literally dropped everything to read this today what is work

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    4 Luffs Stars This was the sweetest treat from Ms Savage for her Beh and Ehd lovers The only problem with this, was I wantedIf you loved Transcendense, you will love this short novella Now I m feeling like a Transcendense reread Happy reading

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    Haaaa I am in love with Ehd all over again This isa recollection of Beth memories than a real story Kind of going through your favorite photo album and remembering fondly.If you have not read Trenscendence before you won t really appreciate this one who is dedicated to...

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