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10 thoughts on “Kiwi Cannot Reach!

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    A very cute concept book about if then statements.

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    A fun, interactive story If you like Pigeon books by Mo Willems, you will enjoy this one

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    Kiwi wants to pull a rope, and he requires reader interaction to help him reach it.This interactive beginning reader features a Kiwi bird Because Kiwi birds cannot fly, the main character has to creatively problem solve in order to reach something off the ground The story breaks the fourth wall and invites reader interaction The text isn t stilted as often happens with books for beginning readers The illustrations are friendly and uncluttered.

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    An interactive book I picked up because kiwis are oh so cute Kiwi encourages you to blow a bubble want, flip a lever, press a button, etc all in attempts to help him reach a rope that he wants to pull Sometimes I wasn t really clear on what was happening like when there was hammering and nailing going on but I figured that was to make his launch contraption , but it came together in the end.

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    Kiwi wants to pull the rope, but he can t reach it himself He breaks the fourth wall to enlist the help of the reader, with amusing results It s a charming book, and Kiwi is a very friendly and endearing character.

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    This would be an excellent story time book so I m saving this for later Also Kiwi is adorable.

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    Hilarious and adorable The kiwi wants to pull on a rope, but he needs you to give him some help.The illustrations are simple, cute, and hilarious This is a great early reader

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    Perfect book to get toddler to interact with story time

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    Great early reader story about persistence Good sense of humor My Elementary school students loved doing art therapy with this book.

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    3 stars emergent reader

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Kiwi Cannot Reach! download Kiwi Cannot Reach!, read online Kiwi Cannot Reach!, kindle ebook Kiwi Cannot Reach!, Kiwi Cannot Reach! 2010566c0a09 From The Endless Imagination Of Jason Tharp Comes A Brand New, Interactive Level 1 Ready To Read That S Perfect For Fans Of Mo Willems, Jim Benton, And David Milgrim And For Beginning Readers Who Like To Giggle Kiwi Sees A Rope He Wants To Pull It, But He Cannot Reach What Will Happen Next Beginning Readers Can Help Kiwiby Turning The Pages, Shaking The Book, And In This Interactive Story From The Author Of The Bunny Will Not Smile