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The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel summary The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel, series The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel, book The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel, pdf The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel, The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel 731fa24461 BOOKS The Handmaid S Tale The Graphic Novel Ren E Nault Everything Handmaids Wear Is Red The Colour Of Blood, Which Defines Us.Offred Is A Handmaid In The Republic Of Gilead, Where Women Are Prohibited From Holding Jobs, Reading, And Forming Friendships She Serves In The Household Of The Commander And His Wife, And Under The New Social Order She Has Only One Purpose Once A Month, She Must Lie On Her Back And Pray That The Commander Makes Her Pregnant, Because In An Age Of Declining Births, Offred And The Other Handmaids Are Valued Only If They Are Fertile But Offred Remembers The Years Before Gilead, When She Was An Independent Woman Who Had A Job, A Family, And A Name Of Her Own Now, Her Memories And Her Will To Survive Are Acts Of Rebellion.Provocative, Startling, Prophetic, The Handmaid S Tale Has Long Been A Global Phenomenon With This Stunning Graphic Novel Adaptation Of Margaret Atwood S Modern Classic, Beautifully Realized By Artist Renee Nault, The Terrifying Reality Of Gilead Has Been Brought To Vivid Life Like Never Before.

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    I just reviewed Margaret Atwood s original story, so I won t re discuss plot and themes I have seen some of the fine Hulu series, so was interested to see that Ren e Nault had adapted and illustrated Atwood s story as a graphic novel The artwork here is gorgeous, creating a somewhat different effect than the film adaptation, emphasizing on almost every page the rich, deep red of the handmaidens, etching that color forever in your mind, and meaning of the red changes over the course of the book It s a faithful adaptation, true to the horror and the steadily growing sense of resistance, and a looming rebellion, of May Day I strongly recommend you check it out A fine and worthy companio...

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    Because this is a graphic novel adaptation of a very well known and widely read book, I feel like this review shouldn t focus on the plot or characters or the world that s been built it should instead focus on whether Renee Nault has done an effective job of adapting it all into comic form In my estimation, she has the art is wonderful, very appropriate and affecting, and while it couldn t have been easy to cut this story down in a way that makes sense, she s done it It s been a long time since I read The Handmaid s Tale, and I couldn t tell you what Nault has cut, but I can say that what she s left in works very well.Also It s still a great story When I read Atwood s novel I was nineteen and was just beginning to educate myself on politics and social issues, so I don t think I grasped it all as well as I did this time around ...

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    While in Barnes Noble recently picking up a couple classic graphic novels on my to own list, the bookseller says, up front we also have THE HANDMAIDS TALE graphic novel I said thanks, but the novel wasn t a favorite of mine She said hers either, she doesn t like dystopian stories, and, of course, I said I loved them, but not that particular one She said, the book is beautifully done though.and that it is I walked out with it

    So here I am done reading the story for a second time and loving it and the beautifully illustrated graphics of this horrific dystopian world for women.

    The fertile women are objects used primarily as a container for procreation, a natural resource of the time in the terrifying Republic of Gilead, and THE HANDMAIDS TALE is primarily Offred s oppressive story of loss, loneliness, grief and the forbidden touch of love.

    NO talkingNO employmentNO readingNO friendships The handmaid s cannot even look at each other, and sneaking around is dangerous and detrimental to your health The aunts are always watching as are the wives and punishments are those unessential parts of the body that don t affect their purpose in life And even worse.there s the ominous hanging wall visible to all who pass.

    Note Illustrations in this graphic novel are colorful and vividly express...

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    Praise be.

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    Loved it

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    Stunning imagery It s amazing how her vision matches how I pictured the setting to be in my own mind, almost exactly.

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    Praise be The classic Margaret Atwood cautionary tale has finally been adapted as a graphic novel, and it is perfection The spare art style emphasizes color especially red and blue and the facial expressions convey much even when words aren t possible I really can t say enough about the...

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    4.6.19 Gro artig Einfach nur gro artig Vielleicht schreib ich noch etwas mehr dar ber, wenn ich wieder mal mehr Zeit habe Wird auf meinem Blog auf jeden Fall den Approved Stempel bekommen 6.6.19 Ich denke, ihr kennt alle die Art von B chern, von denen jeder denkt, dass man sie kennen muss Dieses Buch geh rt zu dieser Gruppe dazu Seit ich studiere, haben mir zehn Studienkolleginnen und mindestens gleich viele Professorinnen gesagt, dass ich dieses Buch unbedingt lesen muss Ist ja ein Klassiker und auch f r den Feminismus wichtig und so weiter und so weiter Ich war sogar bei einer Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema, ohne das Buch gelesen zu haben Warum habe ich so lange gez gert Wahrscheinlich hatte ich einfach Angst, dass mir das Buch zu kompliziert ist Nun, diese Angst war auf jeden Fall komplett unbegr ndet und ich werde das Original garantiert auch noch lesen, fr her oder sp ter.Ich habe mich aus der oben genannten Angst f r das Graphic Novel entschieden Immerhin gibt es da Bilder dazu das verstehe ich dann also sicher leichter Ich habe noch nie zuvor ein Graphic Novel gelesen und hatte deswegen keine Ahnung, was mich erwartet Am ehesten wohl ein Comic Ich denke da an Lucky Luke und Asterix die habe ich jahrelang verschlungen, manchmal drei oder vier Hefte pro Tag Dieses Buch hat garantiert nichts mit Lucky Luke zu...

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    The content of the novel obviously stood up, and the drawing is appropriately haunting That said the kinds of advances the TV show brought in terms of reflecting the diversity of women regresses here Everyone...

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    Terrific in so many ways but only if one already knows the story inside out.

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