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In Tune summary In Tune , series In Tune , book In Tune , pdf In Tune , In Tune 4b314e1a09 EPUB In Tune Author Richard Wolf Pccare247.us In Our Noisy World, Music Is The Key To Inner Silence Richard Wolf First Tried Zen Meditation In His Teens, But No Matter In What Posture Or For How Long He Sat, Transcendence Proved Stubbornly Out Of Reach It Was Only Years Later That He Found The Bridge That Could Take Him There Music In Tune Charts Twelve Bridges Skills And Sensibilities Refined In Musical Practice That Carry Over To Mindfulness And Meditation, Among Them ConcentrationPostureHarmonySilenceThe Art Of Deep ListeningTranscending The SelfThis Inspirational Guide Offers A Wealth Of Music Based Exercises To Enhance Daily Meditation And Creativity Plus, Wolf Shares Personal Anecdotes Of Eminent Musicians From Miles Davis To Dr Dre To Illuminate Points Along The Intersection Of Music And Mindful Living As You Begin To Move Fluidly Between These Two Transformative Disciplines, You Ll Notice The Focus, Composure, And Peacefulness That Comes From Practice As Well As The Joys Of Tuning In To The Music All Around You, And To The Symphony That Plays Silently From Within.

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    Wonderful Many of the practices within worked for me, make for wonderful meditative experiences.

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    Not really what I was expecting I thought it would be like here s how to use actual music to meditate or whatever but it was really like you know how you have to practice your musical instrument a lot to be good at it Same with meditating Here s a Miles Davis quote.

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    I was deeply moved by this book Wolf s writing makes it easy for everyone to understand something we often write off as too complicated Mindfulness and meditation can be intimidating or tricky, but this book made it accessible and easy It motivated me to meditate even when it was difficult It s filled with meditation techniques and tips I think it would be great for anyone curious about getting into mindfulness, and any level of musical background can be helpful I think the book is super nec...

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    This book is a great read for anyone interested in music, mindfulness, meditation, or all three It s an honest, unvarnished account of a prominent musician s struggles with mindful meditation, how he came to succeed in the practice, and why that success was important The book is full of timely tips to help jump start or improve your own practice, and cogent arguments for why that s worth doing As an added bonus, the book contains fascinating anecdote...

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    Some books make unforgettable connections Music is a mystery, first an internal throbbing which is translated into notations, perhaps, then instruments and song Mindfulness and meditation are mysteries of similar order, first internally sought in mind chatter and silence, and then actualized This book by a decorated musician notes the relationship between music and mindfulness It provides a bridge to meditation by imitation of music mastery.If you wish to meditate this book will help you as it did me If you are a musician, all the better The similarities of sound and silence mean allow you to follow the simile to actual practices and mastery And since mindfulness entails the envelopment of sound and silence within each other, this book offer the music minded a high road to mindfulness Unlike humorless and self important spiritual books, Mr...

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    In Tune is written by a professional musician who is an award winning commercial music composer and producer He also is a lifelong meditator and mindfulness practitioner I have a degree in voice performance and have continued to sing as well as teach voice and direct choirs, although not as my primary profession, so I was very familiar with the musical examples used throughout this book The book is a goo...

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    This is not the kind of book you necessarily read from cover to cover in several sittings At the end of every chapter there are instructions for meditative mindfulness techniques as this is at heart a guide book and I found that I would rather stay practicing a method for days ...

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    Mehis the best way I can think of to describe it Not terrible, not revolutionary, it was justmeh.

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    I meanit was fine It just wasn t what I was expecting I think I was hoping it would be a book about including music in your mindfulness practice, but instead it was a book about mindfulness and meditation for musicians So advice like you must practice mindfulness the same way you practice your instrument wasn t really that int...

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