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Aurora Burning files Aurora Burning, read online Aurora Burning, free Aurora Burning, free Aurora Burning, Aurora Burning de6e86dce Our Heroes Are Back Kind Of From The Bestselling Co Authors Of The Illuminae Files Comes The Second Book In The Epic Series About A Squad Of Misfits, Losers, And Discipline Cases Who Just Might Be The Galaxy S Best Hope For SurvivalFirst, The Bad News An Ancient Evil You Know, Your Standard Consume All Life In The Galaxy Deal Is About To Be Unleashed The Good News Squad Is Standing By To Save The Day They Ve Just Got To Take Care Of A Few Small Distractions FirstLike The Clan Of Gremps Who D Like To Rearrange Their Favorite FacesAnd The Cadre Of Illegit GIA Agents With Creepy Flowers Where Their Eyes Used To Be, Who Ll Stop At Nothing To Get Their Hands On AuriThen There S Kal S Long Lost Sister, Who S Not Exactly Happy To See Her Baby Brother, And Has A Syldrathi Army At Her Back With Half The Known Galaxy On Their Tails, Squad Has Never Felt So WantedWhen They Learn The Hadfield Has Been Found, It S Time To Come Out Of Hiding Two Centuries Ago, The Colony Ship Vanished, Leaving Auri As Its Sole Survivor Now, Its Black Box Might Be What Saves Them But Time Is Short, And If Auri Can T Learn To Master Her Powers As A Trigger, The Squad And All Their Admirers Are Going To Be Deader Than The Great Ultrasaur Of Abraaxis IVShocking Revelations, Bank Heists, Mysterious Gifts, Inappropriately Tight Bodysuits, And An Epic Firefight Will Determine The Fate Of The Aurora Legion S Most Unforgettable Heroes And Maybe The Rest Of The Galaxy As Well

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    That cover is so hot, I can t freakin stand it Mel

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    November 22nd 2019

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    1 Aurora Rising 2 Aurora Burning 3 untitled update nov 22, 2019This cover has killed me, brought me back to life, and killed me again My precious grumpy space elf looks so good Don t mind me, I m just over here drooling over an untitled book with no release date, cover, or synopsis

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    Only reasons I ll be reading this cover the gorgeous cover i mean did you see the cover Kal, my precious boy, rocking the cover Finian, missing from the cover and oh, I almost forgot the irresistible need to see what they have left to base this sequel on when they ripped off both of the Guardians of the Galaxy films in the very first book damn you, curiosity, please don t kill my cute cat

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    Update PREORDER PLACED I m ready to be back with the 3 1 2.

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    I don t know how they did it, but Kaufman and Kristoff created a sequel that was just as engaging, fun and adventurous as the first book if not so We learn about the Syldrathi plus so many juicy secrets are uncovered I love how well thought out this series is so far Waiting extremely impatiently for book 3 Highly recommend

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    May 5th 2020 for of Squad 312and Finian my sarcastic bi guy.Update THERE IS A TITLE AURORA BURNING Update How did I not know there was a freaking cover It s beautiful, it has Kal, what else is there to say

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    Can we pretend this is out already so I can read it Meanwhile I ll just keep reading Aurora Rising over and over.

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    Maybe I don t deserve much in life, but I deserved this cover.

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    HAHAHAHA I HAVEN T READ A CLIFFHANGER LIKE THAT IN YEARS IM 38 WEEKS PREGNANT I CANT HANDLE THIS SHIT.Really though if I wasn t on my phone all I would have put for now is the No No Nooooooooo Michael Scott GIF.RTC I..honestly don t even know where to begin with this review I have been SO excited for Squad 312 s journey to pick back up since I read Aurora Rising as an ARC back last March I ve said this before and I ll say it again being able to be one of those people who are lucky enough to read ARCs is AWESOME Who doesn t want to get these books as early as humanly possible, am I right However There are also TWO main downsides to this 1 You are VERY limited to the number of people you can fangirl to about the book you just devoured and 2 you are now forced to wait EVEN LONGER until the next book comes out In the case of Aurora Burning.I might die This GD book ends on THE CLIFFHANGAR OF ALL CLIFFHANGERS, PEOPLE I honestly couldn t even tell you the last time I read a book that ended with me furiously trying to swipe left on my Kindle over and over and over to no avail, praying that my Kindle was just frozen and that I didn t just read the end of the book and am stuck wondering, WAITING to see what happens for over a year Sigh.I ve seen a few reviews already that have said they loved this one even than the first While I m not sure I can quite agree with that, they were at least on an equal level Getting to know everyone just that little bit especially on Zila s past was great There were a LOT of twisty parts, especially towards the end that just left me reeling There are things that we end the book not knowing that will drive you BONKERS Basically a good word to describe this book is frantic They re all in a rush to not get killed, to learn about Auri s powers, to find the Weapon, to save the galaxy you know, real important things Aside from ALL THAT though, even just seeing them grow is a family unit made my heart swell They are all affected from the situation with Cat, understandably, and none of them really want to take this connection they all have for granted in any way We see certain romantic relationships grow which made me so happy and I m hoping that we ll see cries of that..sniffles in the next book I really don t want to give ANYTHING away, just know that this was the sequel that I had been looking for and I will be counting down the mother biscuit ing days until that last book is out Huge thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children s for the chance to read an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinions. For of my reviews, please visit

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