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Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again explained Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again, review Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again, trailer Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again, box office Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again, analysis Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again, Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again c406 The Idea Of Reliving Youth Is A Common Fantasy, But Who Among Us Is Actually Courageous Enough To Try It After Surviving A Deadly Cancer Against Tremendous Odds, College President Roger H Martin Did Just That He Enrolled At St John S College, The Great Books School In Annapolis, Maryland, As A Sixty One Year Old Freshman This Engaging, Often Humorous Memoir Of His Semester At St John S Tells Of His Journey Of Discovery As He Falls In Love Again With Plato, Socrates, And Homer, Improbably Joins The College Crew Team, And Negotiates Friendships Across Generational Divides Along The Way, Martin Ponders One Of The Most Pressing Questions Facing Education Today Do The Liberal Arts Still Have A Role To Play In A Society That Seems To Value Professional, Vocational, And Career Training Above All Else Elegantly Weaving Together The Themes Of The Great Works He Reads With Events That Transpire On The Water, In The Coffee Shop, And In The Classroom, Martin Finds That A Liberal Arts Education May Be Vital Today Than Ever Before This Is The Moving Story Of A Man Who Faces His Fears, Fully Embraces His Second Chance, And In Turn Rediscovers The Gifts Of Life And Learning.

  • Hardcover
  • 280 pages
  • Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again
  • Roger H. Martin
  • English
  • 15 January 2019
  • 9780520255418

About the Author: Roger H. Martin

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again book, this is one of the most wanted Roger H. Martin author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again

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    This guy seems totally relatable Maybe not the most stunning narrative ever told but an honest and personal journey Maybe he could have talked about beating cancer and living years longer than expected, maybe he could have not spent so much time telling us about how this 61 year old former athle...

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    I love quirky memoirs about people taking on a possibly ridiculous adventure Couple that with my ongoing fascination with St John s and its Great Books program the college counselor back at my high school told me to apply, but I didn t , and this book seemed tailor made for me.Alas, it was disappointing After surviving a dramatic battle with metastatic melanoma, Martin decides to take a sabbatical from his position as College President at Randolph Macon and enroll at St John s as a freshman From the beginning, he shares that his plan is to write a book about the experience.The trouble is that it s not clear what experience he was trying to have He isn t truly a freshman, even a 61 year old freshman, and that fact complicates matters He goes in knowing that he is only sampling St John s, enrolling for a single semester, not pursuing a degree He refrains from participating in the freshman Seminar, instead observing and taking notes as the other students discuss the material He visits the science lab once, never explaining why he wasn t actually taking the science course He misses out completely on the required freshman chorus He tries to befriend his classmates, but like any participant observer can n...

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    If I hadn t gone to St John s, I don t think I would have made it through this book.

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    Roger Martin s Racing Odysseus A College President Becomes a Freshman Again is the real life story that reads like many an adult dream At the age of 61, Martin takes a sabbatical from his academic job to enroll as a freshman at St John s College in Annapolis St John s is sometimes called the great books college where all students read the classics of Western culture from Homer and Plato in the first year to Tolstoy and Hegel the senior year Instead of lectures by professors, there are seminars with tutors Instead of majors, everyone studies the same basic curriculum Instead of competitive grades, there are discussions with advisors If you don t know about this school already, just check out their reading list and see if you don t start dreaming about being 18 with a clean slate ahead of you.Martin s assumptions about the slate ahead of him at 61 are reduced not only by his age but his experience of a very serious illness metastatic melanoma a few years before his time at St Johns Even than most of us, he needs to see his place in life as part of the long flow of time and also one that allows personal growth I needed to prove to myself that I still had a future, writes Martin That even in my sixties I cold grow into a different person and learn new things Reading timeless books made him timeless in its own way...

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    Every avid reader should read this book for their 61st birthday as I happened to do by accident It is an introduction to the great books for those who will never read them, as well as those who will I would love to attend a college where reading was a major portion of the curriculum but I don t think I would fare wel...

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    relax and pull

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    I liked this book and I didn t like this book I didn t like this book because most of it is dedicated to the author trying to relive his glory days as an athlete, and that wasn t why I picked it up Also, it weirded me out a little about how interested he was in hanging out with teenagers I didn t think he was a dirty man, but I wanted to think he was Dr Martin is a college president who after overcoming life threatening cancer decides to enroll as a freshman at St Johns which is a liberal arts college that focuses on THE GREAT BOOKS The idea of the college fascinates me Everyone addresses each other formally students and teachers alike , the tutors only serve as a guide to group discussions and not as a lecturer They study the books that form the foundation of our western society I found it especially interesting that they teach science and math from the first books ever written, and then show how knowledge has evolved through time he only covers this one once I also like how he demonstrates the importance of physical and mental development And how we need both in our education This book explores the value of a liberal arts degree in today s society, which is why I picked it up I have a degree in English and sometimes wonder if it would have been better to get a degree in something that automatically creates a career ie nursing degree nurse This is what he says, There is a good reason why a liberal arts and science education makes sense in the brave new world...

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    The long time president of a small liberal arts college, Roger Martin spends a semester of his sabbatical at another small liberal arts school, auditing a freshman class and rowing on an eight person team The school he visits is St Johns College, the so called Great Books school, and the class he audits is the freshman seminar, reading Homer, Aeschylus, Herodotus, Thucydides, Plato and other Greek classics In the process, he explores memories of his own freshman year of college and his recent treatment for melanoma, faces his upcoming retirement, and meditates on the readings, liberal arts education and athletics As a St John s alumna of a similar age, I was initially sceptical but won over by the honesty with which he recounts his adventures with classes, waltz parties, the coffee shop, and the students, although I wondered why he didn t sample of the St Johns freshman classes lab, language, and math instead of limiting himself to seminar and the athletic program I curl up on my bed with the TV remote in one hand and a cold beer in the other I have two choices either watch the World Series or finish the Republic Plato wins out I have always known that the best preparation for careers in our...

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    this book was a disappointment.while it was fun to revisit some of my favorite college haunts through the eyes of another, i simply found it too great a stretch that someone thinks they could get the freshman experience at sjc by just taking seminary and participating in crew martin acknowledges that he missed out by not taking freshman chorus, but really he missed out by not participating in the bulk of the freshman program euclid s geometry and studying greek are just as important to the freshman experience at st john s as reading plato and herodotus.it also seems a great arrogance to me that martin only participates for half a year worse, it is abundantly clear that martin failed in his objective to get a taste of student culture there is nothing about the drinking on campus, he expresses horrified disbelief that anything like the rape that he hears about at another school could happen at sjc a student got kicked out for sexual assault while i was there , and his language offers several give aways he calls yo mama jokes mother jokes and anime japanese animation as though he is explaining it to someone who has never heard of such a thing the way the students dialogues with him are reported is clearly in his language, not theirs martin is a fish out of water hopelessly out of his league socially in his experience at st john s his thoughts ...

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    This book was a small disappointment to me When I read the book jacket, I got very excited When I was a high school senior applying to colleges, I heard about St John s College and its Great Books program It wouldn t have worked for me at the time, but I thought then, and still think now, that, if I had the financial freedom and no family responsibilites, this would be a dream experience I wanted to be vicariously pulled into the St John s experience here, but I wasn t The book is not as deep as I d have expected, and the author leaves, for me at least, too many loose ends At one point, for example, he remarks that one of the tutors in his Freshman Seminar, at the second meeting, named every student in the seminar except him He never returns to this point to tell the reader whether this was a deliberate snub or an oversight, and whether the situation was ever recitifed.The author is ...

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