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    Full Disclosure I have admired Laurie Cabot s work for years, and a few years ago had the amazing opportunity to study with this remarkable woman Whether you agree with her practices and beliefs or not, there is no denying the power of this Witch If you ve ever spent any time perusing the New Age or Witchcraft Wicca section in a bookstore, then you know there are a plethora of books claiming to be The Only Book of Shadows You Will Ever Need The problem with many of these books is that they are basicvery basicand there aren t many books that dive deeper than Wicca 101 Laurie Cabot has addressed the issue in a beautiful tome titled Cabot s Book of Shadows.Until now the only way to gain the information presented in this book was to study with Laurie Cabot, herself, in Salem, MA However, Laurie is now giving much of her hard earned wisdom to anyone wanting to learn about Witchcraft, specifically the Cabot Tradition I won t say this is The Only Book of Shadows You Will Ever Need, but it comes close The pages are packed with information on rituals, spells, potions, incense, and so much In order to gain this much information in the Cabot Tradition, most people would have to study for years under Laurie s guidance, but now anyone can learn the Crystal Countdown in their own home Anyone can learn the principles of majick and the law of karma.The book is broken down in to sections by Degrees First, the reader learns to view Witchcraft as a Science Then comes Witchcraft as an Art Finally, the reader is introduced to Witchcraft as a Religion Cabot s Book of Shadows offers a wealth of information for any practitioner from novice to advanced This is a truly valuable asset for any Witch to have on their shelf.

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    Wow This really was a riveting read.

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Laurie Cabots Book of Shadows download Laurie Cabots Book of Shadows , read online Laurie Cabots Book of Shadows , kindle ebook Laurie Cabots Book of Shadows , Laurie Cabots Book of Shadows 435dfedd6bcf For The First Time Anywhere, The History, Lore, Rituals, And Majick Of The Cabot Tradition Of Witchcraft, Taught By Founder Laurie Cabot, The Official Witch Of Salem, Massachusetts, Is Collected And Presented In A Single Book.Laurie Cabot S Book Of Shadows Includes The Materials Of Her Three Part Class Series On The Science, Art, And Religion Of Witchcraft, As Well As Guidance For High Priestesses And High Priests Of The Craft Working On Their Own Or In Groups.The Book Of Shadows Includes Laurie S Own Recipes For Incenses, Potions, Charms, And Spells Used And Taught By Cabot Witches For Decades A Treasure Trove Of Lore At Your Fingertips A Must For Any Practitioner Of The Craft Of The Witch.