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The Maze Bummer summary The Maze Bummer , series The Maze Bummer , book The Maze Bummer , pdf The Maze Bummer , The Maze Bummer 5eba1e7c95 THE MAZE RUNNER JUST GOT HILARIOUS When Thomas Wakes Up In A Dark Elevator, He Has No Idea Where He Is, Or Even Who He Is But He Soon Finds Out He S Trapped In A Giant Maze With 50 Dudes And No Chicks.That S Right, No Chicks.Welcome To The Sausage Fest.Faced With This Horrible Nightmare, Thomas Must Figure Out How To Escape But Until Then, He Ll Be Shoveling Lots Of Klunk And Hangin With Lots Of Dudes.Talk About A Bummer A Maze Bummer.Will Thomas Ever Get To Hang Out With A Girl Again Find Outin THE MAZE BUMMER

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    When done right, a parody can be incredibly funny and even original in its own way But most parodies involve a large level of creativity and well written humor, none of which The Maze Bummer has.First off, the humor in it will only be funny to the lowest common denominator of readers its unoriginal, perverted sex jokes and fart jokes and other toilet humor is not only crass and crude, but presented in a patheti...

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    I just finished reading the Maze Runner and I didn t like it honestly I got this in the mail from a goodreads giveaway and read it right after I finished the maze runner It was funny and a easy read But honestly I wouldn t have picked it up on my own.

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    It was a good book with a funny story The only thing is I wish it would have been longer Steve Lookner Definitely did a good job

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    A lame cheezy book parody The lightning fart was way better

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    It was cute but I did not understand the ending.

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