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★ Beyond the Veil (Veil/Dixon Security #2)  PDF / Epub ✪ Author Kate Allenton – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 Beyond the Veil (Veil/Dixon Security #2) , meaning Beyond the Veil (Veil/Dixon Security #2) , genre Beyond the Veil (Veil/Dixon Security #2) , book cover Beyond the Veil (Veil/Dixon Security #2) , flies Beyond the Veil (Veil/Dixon Security #2) , Beyond the Veil (Veil/Dixon Security #2) 146cde40b9adf Clairvoyant Sophie Masterson Finally Got The Job Of Her Dreams As Head Of Dixon Security S Psychic Division She Was Sure That Being A Voice For The Dead Victims Would Make Solving Her Cases A Piece Of Cake When A Killer Pulls Her Into His Deadly Game Looking For Revenge Against The People She Loves Most And The Voices In Her Head Go Silent, It Will Take Some Quick Thinking To Figure Out The Killer S Identity And Take Him Out Before He Strikes Again With Her Boyfriend Aiming To Get Her Fired, Her Boss Trying To Get Her Into Bed, And A Group Of Men Who Think She S Made For Fetching Coffee Instead Of Fighting Crime, She Ll Have To Prove Than Her Worth To All Of Them If She Wants To Survive Her Latest Case

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    Quick read, has a love triangleSo the book was a pretty quick read I m glad I know it s only book two but Sophie needs to pick a guy and pick him fast Just when I think she s settled on Marshall she gets second thoughts and wants Jack Maybe it s because I ve never been a love triangle person but that shtick needs to be crossed out Also, we get it Sophie is hot So hot that everyone, even women young and old, want Sophie Everyone wants a piece of Sophie The men want her and women want to be her We get it Let s move on, shall we The plot line was pretty good The mystery was there I liked the book I m not sure how many there are but I think I will continue reading Heads up though if by book three the triangle hasn t resolved itself for sure I m not continuing the series.

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    Ms Kate has done it again Fantastic second book and oh my the teaser for book three woo hoo can t wait If you haven t read the Bennett series what are you waiting for it started with them and keeps getting better with each new series This is unrelated to them but they re so good had to mention them Well done keep going can t wait for next one.

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    Loved it I didn t think you could do any better than the first but it was I cannot wait for the next instalment.

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    Sorry have gone right off the main character and even a great plot can t change that.Was really looking forward to this but unfortunately have gone right off the heroine Jumping from one bed to another is not really what I expected off her Okay he might not have fulfilled her expectations but she could have played a little harder to get before jumping into bed with his best friend and her boss Call me a prude but a bit of cooling off time would have added tension to the storyline.the plot itself is you ignored that aspect was brilliant fast paced and full of action However I will not be reading any as she is not a character I want to read about.

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    A good quick read There are definite issues with regards to the love triangle, but that is believable because many of us know someone that was in a relationship and then found out that the love wasn t the forever love and the relationship ended Unfortunately, it happens and this book dealt with it well No lines were crossed and the hero was just that heroic Looking forward to book 3.

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    Did not know this was a series let alone the 2nd in the series It did not flow well for me It seemed jumbled and off, and the love triangle that was happening, just was not working for me The idea and world building wasn t too bad but just did not follow through for me.

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    Don t like the man mix upbut like how Sophie is developing.

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    Excellent read.Plot is intricate and not revealed early inthe book Romance is tender and complex Hope later stories are as good as this has been.Enjoy this Good Read.

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    This is the second book in the Dixon Security series, and it starts with a bang Playing up to the tendencies that he has already shown in book 1, Jack tries to get Marshal to fire Sophie before she s even really started Unfortunately for him, Sophie overhears him and this deals a serious blow to their relationship I wish I could say that I was surprised at this turnout, but I can t Jack did show these reactions in the previous book and it appears that he isn t going to change them So step aside, Jack, your time is up.Other than that, someone is out to get Sophie s two boys No one knows who it is, but it appears that both Jack and Marshal are targets After receiving a visit from their old friend, Sophie is on the case, and on the hunt Now, just as the previous book, the ending to this one comes very quickly Everything is left up until the last minute, and then it s all explained and done.Very well written, with a smooth pace until the end when it speeds up With no editing or grammatical errors that I could see, this was a very enjoyable read Definitely recommended.MerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books

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    DNF..I can t finish this book When the last book ended Sophie and Jack said they love each other but I was still worried about Marshall s feelings for Sophie s and her s for him Then in this book her house was bugged and she couldn t reach Jack so she called Marshall and he took her to his house and he told Sophie he broke up with his girlfriend because of her and Sophie told him she felt that pull towards him too Even if nothing happens between them I just can t read a book where the hero or heroine have sexual feelings for someone else That s not my idea of a good romance It s good for some but not for me.