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Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora, #1) pdf Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora, #1) , ebook Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora, #1) , epub Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora, #1) , doc Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora, #1) , e-pub Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora, #1) , Genesis Spell (The Return of the Aurora, #1) b4a48b30565 Tristan Glass Carried Genetic Coding In Her DNA That Had Existed Since The Dawn Of Mankind She Was To Be A Harbinger But, It Wasn T Known If She Would Be The Harbinger Of Death Or Change And No One Knew If She D Remain Human Near Death Experiences Changed Lives Tristan Was No Exception, But After Her Near Death Experience, She Didn T Expect The Changes To Be So Drastic She Didn T Expect To Have Enhanced Senses Or The Ability To Heal Herself The Changes To Her Life Didn T End With Just The Physical A Group Of Strangers, Calling Themselves Prospects, Told Her That She D Been Part Of A Prophecy And Her Coming Was Foretold Millennia Ago Tristan Glass Wasn T Brave, Wasn T A Leader, And Didn T Have The Strength To Be Anything Extraordinary It Didn T Matter That She Had Gained Exceptional Abilities It Didn T Matter That She Carried And Ancient Genetic Legacy That Set Her Apart From All Other Humans She Didn T Want To Be A Hero Audley Morgan Wasn T Your Standard Bad Boy He Was Considerably Dangerous He Had A Gift For Carnage And Destruction, And An Inclination For Violence He Was The Man For The Job When The Job Required A High Body Count And Besides The Pay, He Liked What He Did When He Was Hired To Protect Tristan Glass, He Did So Grudgingly The Role Of Bodyguard Was One He Didn T Want To Take On He Certainly Didn T Want To Play Guardian To A Na Ve Woman That Didn T Understand How Dangerous The World Was Protecting Tristan Could Put Him On The Front Lines Of An Ancient War That Had Been Revived With Her Appearance At Least, He Could Do The One Thing He Was Good At, Killing He Didn T Want To Be A Hero Most Of All, Audley And Tristan Didn T Want To Fall In Love They Were Much Too Irritated With One Another To Consider The Possibility

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    A new supernatural world, which I enjoyed for the fact that it is new It s not the same old supernatural ideas we ve been reading the last decade,there s actually something new here A nice romance with both a strong male and female, a world you get to jump into and learn about along with Tristan and a fantastic ending that gets you ready for the next in the series

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    I was hooked from the beginning I absolutely love the characters, and feel like I know them personally Reading Genesis Spell took me on a journey of suspense, laughter, tears and there were times I could not tear my eyes from the page This is one of those books that made me forget I was reading and made me feel like I was watching a movie I love it

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