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14-14 files 14-14 , read online 14-14 , free 14-14 , free 14-14 , 14-14 f3b188319 Un Si Cle Les S Pare Hadrien Et Adrien Sont Deux Gar Ons De Treize Ans Qui Habitent Quelques Kilom Tres L Un De L Autre, En Picardie Ils Ont Des Probl Mes L Cole, La Maison Et Avec Les Filles, Comme La Plupart Des Gar Ons De Leur Ge Il N Y A Qu Une Seule Chose Qui Les S Pare Hadrien Vit En Et Adrien En Leurs Destins Vont Myst Rieusement Se M Ler, Leur Permettant D Changer Du Courrier Alors Qu Ils Croient Chacun Crire Un Cousin Loign Lorsqu Ils Comprennent Ce Qu Il Se Passe, Adrien Se Rend Alors Compte Qu Il Doit Pr Venir Hadrien Que La Grande Guerre Est Sur Le Point D Clater Et Qu Il Doit Tout Prix Se Mettre L Abri

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    ENG belowLielisks v stures apguves veids, las ju ar interesi Ideja gan nav ori in la , starplaikmetu sarakste man ta ar pirms tam, bet ticu, ka is sp j uzrun t jaunie us.Piedz vojumi pietiekami, bet pietr ka tra ikas 1914 gadam Tur ta u veselu re ionu no zemes noslauc ja L dz galam s ausmas nenolas j s, no vienas puses varb t nevajadz ja, bet taj pa laika nedaudz izniekots potenci ls man k jaunietei Pirmo Pasaules karu pal dz ja saprast tie i cilv ciskie st sti, nevis fakti un gadu skait i.Interesanti, ka pag tnes puisis gan lik s diezgan sievi gs sav s p rdom s, emot v r vi a dz ves kontekstu Bet cibi i jau visos laikos dz voju i Un is no sievietes rakstnieces spalvas iztec jis, kas laikam to izskaidro Ne slikti, ne labi, ne norm li, ne nenorm li Man tikai iesak ojusies interese par sievie u v rie u liter ro rokrakstu at ir b m Feini, ka da gr mata ir Noteikti vajadz tu turpin t Es pamatskolas v stures stund s priec tos par d m nejau m zin an m ENG A great tool to learn about the historical events Idea itself is not original though correspondence between centuries or different period of times has been used already before but I believe that is a great way how to get the attention of young readers For my taste there were enough adventures but not enough tragic for year 1914 I mean, a whole region was just wiped off the ground So didn t really got the horror of WWI Who knows, maybe there is no need for it but at the same time I believe the book lost some potential As a youngster I understood that time of our history mostly thanks to stories of people not just by facts and numbers.Another thing I noticed or imagined is that the boy from the past was quite feminine in his thoughts, especially if I keep in mind the context But who knows, maybe education makes us soft Also, this character was born by from the ink of the female writer which explains it It is not good and not bad It s just that recently I am quite interested in the differences of literary handwriting of male and female authors To sum up I am glad that this book exists And this line should be continued I would have appreciated such accidental knowledge during my history lessons back in the days.

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    Toto sa mi ve mi p ilo A je to kniha, ktor d m pre ta aj dc ram A je samozrejme vhodn aj pre chlapcov, ur ite aj preto, e s hlavn mi hrdinami a maj podobn probl my kola, l ska, rodi ia Adrien ije v roku 2014 a Hadrienv roku 1914 a cez zvl tnu po tov schr nku spolu komunikuj listami Ten prv bol omyl a Adrien si myslel, e p e bratrancovi, no z p vodne vystatova n ch listov sa v ak stala d vern po ta, lebo si povedali to, o ich tr pilo, navz jom si poradili, dokonca aj pomohli.Bolo to asn Teraz to po sebe tam, e som nap sala skoro to ist , o bolo v anot cii, ale neum selne ka dop dne, obaja chalani s si podobn , obaja zamilovan , len jedn mu sa nepodar vyjadri svoju l sku, tak trp , lebo jeho kamo ka u medzit m chod s in m, postupne sa prestane u i a zase naopak tomu druh mu sa v l ske dar , aj v kole, len otec by z neho chcel ma farm ra a ako mu to len poveda , e chce by in inierom a tudova na l ceuOkrem toho, e si radia vo vz ahoch, poradia si aj s projektami v kole s refer tmi a nesk r si v aka tomuto poznaniu aj vz jomne zachr nia ivoty svojich bl zkych.Je to kniha, kde sa v etko vyjasn a je to aj jedna nap nav sc na, proste tak akur t Fakt sa to ve mi dobre ta, odpor am, ale rozm am, e asi sk r pre deti od 10 rokov vy ie Odpor anie na knihe nie je, ale to poznanie dej n v eobecn situ cia vo Franc zsku, kol nie, 1.sv vojna a teda o jej predch dzalo, m e len pom c Je tam zobrazen ka dodenn ivot, ako sa treba stara o farmu, spomenie sa aj lek rska starostlivos , ale aj oble enie s to mali kosti, ktor spravia dojem, ale v aka nim je pr beh ve mi autentick.

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    , , 14 14 , , , 14 14 Young Adult .

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    Une tr s belle histoire d amiti qui se noue magiquement entre Adrien, adolescent de 2014, et Hadrien, vivant en 1914 Les deux jeunes gens se confient leur quotidien, leurs bonheurs, leurs espoirs et leurs peines jusqu ce que le d but de la Grande Guerre vienne menacer leur amiti.Ce roman tr s jeunesse mais qui peut se lire quel que soit son ge, est incroyablement bien document fac simil s de documents d poque la fin de certains chapitres Il permet, par le biais des changes entre les deux personnages, de prendre conscience des conditions de vie durant le si cle dernier, et permet d aborder sous un angle nouveau notre quotidien privil gi 14 14 est un roman lire absolument

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    ..lai gan gr mata paredz ta jaunie iem, t ir gana interesanta ar man ar visu savu b t bu un st stu paldies Lindai, ka ieteica pa emt bet ja autori b tu v cie i, diez vai tur kas b tu san cis, ha

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    It started out promising and ended in a shit hole No exaggeration.Let s start with the characters Not distinct enough to set them apart, and no , the fact that they were separated by a century did not count for anything Also, the similar names didn t help.The plot Good God What in the hell happened there It was very weak, simple, boring The main reason I hated it is because the story had so much potential and it could have gone in so many directions and yet, it took none of them Everything happened incredibly conveniently, that at some point you have to think if the authors thought that the audience this book was targeting were idiots.It was nice and sweet, and I hated all of it I mean, come on Half of this book takes place right before the war, and guess what, war is not nice and sweet Very unrealistic I m not talking about the magic post boxes , shallow and naive.I have no idea why I thought I would go for teenager books , because this doesn t qualify as young adult.

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