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The Medallions Curse summary The Medallions Curse , series The Medallions Curse , book The Medallions Curse , pdf The Medallions Curse , The Medallions Curse 0b6a3ac4ab Tristan Archer Has No Recollection Of His Childhood Or The Night That His Family Was Murdered, All He Has Left Of Them Is Half Of A Gold Medallion That His Father Gave To Him Just Before He Died Tristan Has Spent Most Of His Life In The Care Of His Grandmother, Living As An Outcast Among The People Of His Village, Condemned To A Life Of Solitude For Reasons He Couldn T Begin To Imagine But On His Sixteenth Birthday His World Would Change Forever A Power Within His Blood Is Unleashed, Revealing Him To Be One Of The Last Known Wizards In A Country Where Wizards Are Feared, Hunted, And Slaughtered The Land Of Stonespar Has Been Under The Reign Of The Evil Tyrant Merrick For Eight Years, A Dangerous Sorcerer That Kills, Steals, And Murders Without Remorse Using Legions Of Monsters To Do His Dirty Work Merrick Will Stop At Nothing To Obtain The Missing Piece Of The Medallion That Grants Him His Immense And Unrelenting Power Tristan Discovers That With His New Found Magic He Is The Only Person Capable Of Stopping Merrick And Bringing Peace Back To The Land He Must Embark On A Journey To Save His Home, Reclaim What Was Stolen From Him, Regain His Memory, And Learn To Control His Power But He Soon Realizes That The Magic In His Blood Has A Dark Side, Capable Of Turning Him Into The Very Monster That He Set Out To Destroy It Becomes An Epic Battle Of Good And Evil, Light And Dark, Morals And Malice And Tristan Is Caught Right In The Crosshairs

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