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    Rita Vernon Bautista 87authorFrom On Wisconsin Magazine, Spring 2015 Thirty years ago, writes Chicagoan Rita Vernon Bautista 87, I was Homecoming queen at the UW Many said I was the first African American in that role I had also heard that there had been a woman of color who was Homecoming queen in the 60s Nevertheless, my uncle Calvin Vernon 54 made black history at the UW in the 1940s as a boxer And now Rita has made another mark with Take A Peak CreateSpace a collection of her poetry written as a teenager living in inner city Milwaukee and as a young adult in corporate America that addresses friendships, betrayal, faith, polite discrimination, and how these issues are processed in young minds Her work had been stored in boxes for years until she rediscovered it and created her book to help guide her sons through their teen years.

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Take a Peak download Take a Peak , read online Take a Peak , kindle ebook Take a Peak , Take a Peak 6063d25b4610 The Works In This Urban Collection Were Written As The Author Was A Teenager Living In The Inner City, And In Her Early Adult Years As She Transitioned Into A Career In Corporate America She Pulled The Collection Out Of Storage Recently As Her Own Sons Began To Grapple With Many Of The Growing Pains That Teenagers Face And She Quickly Learned That The Poetry Resonated With And Inspired Young People Take A Peak Is An Important Collection Of Poetry That Tackles The Issues Of Friendships, Betrayal, Faith And Modern Day, Polite Discrimination And How These Issues Are Processed In Young Minds This Collection Is A Great Classroom Tool For Literature Studies In An Urban Environment Written By Rita Bautista, MBA This Collection Will Provide Young And Aspiring Minority Professionals With A Candid Perspective Of Diversity In Corporate America From The Inside Out Based On The Personal Experience Of The Author Rather Than Scare Them Away, It Will Prepare Them For Disguised Realities Which Will Strengthen Their Survival Skills The Poem Friendly Foe Takes The Reader Behind The Facade Of A Welcoming Workplace As Even The Title Suggests Young People Of All Backgrounds Can Benefit From Taking A Peek Behind The Corporate Curtain For Insight That Can Inspire Them To Be A Part Of Positive Change Vicki Lott, PhD Provost Vice President For Academic And Student Affairs Huston Tillotson University, Austin TX