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  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous
  • Tierney Fowler
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9781939392664

10 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous

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    When I started Lifestyles of the Rich and In famous I had some idea of what I was stepping into It is the first book by Tierney Fowler and from the synopsis alone I was expecting a kind of Gossip girl on acid kind of affair The book appealed to me, I didn t want serious and taxing on my mind Not a great idea when you aren t feeling 100% and this ticked all the boxes for me What I wasn t expecting was something I would enjoy so much.When I read the opening chapters I can t say I liked Nyx too much Nicole came across as self obsessed and although a late teen in the books at times it sounded like she was a 15 with the whole boy thing over AJ.But I kept reading, I was drawn in by the diversity of characters, the fact they all were very different And then things took a turn for the better, we meet Jeremy and Tristan From here on out things get better.I loved the romance element, I liked that we had to work for the story Not everything in love was handed to Nyx on a plate and we saw how hard it is being in front of the public eye I liked how the family reunited parts were wrote and although we may not all be blessed with the kind of money featured in this book and the lifestyles, I loved reading about them.Lifestyles of the Rich and In famous also didn t hang too much on the clothes which I liked too Too often these books give you a blow by blow account of what every cast member is wearing This book is set around music, fashion and modelling and I felt there was enough information to make it interesting without being too much and over powering.Yes the ending is WAY OUT THERE and totally unrealistic, but the message is a simple one we can all take into our hearts Make the jump and see what happens.I thoroughly enjoyed Lifestyles of the Rich and In famous and do recommend it to those who like a little Gossip Girl and a fun character like Nicole Nyx to read about, especially when she s not model perfect 4 stars from me and a great New Adult read Review also featured on my blog

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    I purchased this book on the recommendation of a friend I had been lamenting to her how all of my free downloads were horrible and she told me that I should check this book out She was right Lesson learned books are free for a reason But on to this book I love Nyx, Tristan, Chad but really, who doesn t love arrogant, tattooed bad boys and really all of the others When a writer can pull you in and make you love characters who do not deserve to be loved, it is a remarkable thing Around halfway through is the line welcome home Having lived the life if have lived I have long held the belief that home is not always a location It can be a person, a feeling, an emotion, and so many other things Tierney Fowler drives this point home in so many ways I have no desire to spoil the book for anyone and am not talented enough to use clever gifs but this book is a wonderful read and this review totally deserves a welcome home sign in it.

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    Oh Tierney, Tierney, TIERNEY I have so much to say about this story I met this author at SaSS16 in Norfolk, VA and had never read any of her material Ms Tierney Fowler sold me on this story with the fact that if I loved Gossip Girl then I will enjoy this her books.SHE WAS COMPLETELY CORRECT I loved this book something fierce, I could not put it down I wanted to smack Nyx a few times and there is quite a bit of jumping around with the amount of characters but nothing is missed with the jumping Tristan, Jeremy, Christopher, Chad, A.J and everyone else just fit together perfectly It is heartfelt, funny, sweet, angsty, and just all around perfect for a Young Adult story Duet video review For other video reviews check out my YouTube Channel Stephanie Uncensoredhttps www.youtube.com c stephanieun

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    Loved Lifestyles of the Rich and In famous It was a great light read that sucked me in immediately I loved the different character dynamics and the plot had some good surprises mixed in Fowler also made me laugh out loud in several parts of the book, and, though perhaps not intentional humor, anyone who can make me audibly laugh, rather than a that was cute chuckle to myself, gets brownie points She also made me crave grilled cheese More brownie points Overall I highly recommend this book and think Fowler s next project should involve A LOT of this naked yoga instructing tatooed bad boy Chad We want Amiright ladies

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    Not my normal type of book for sure I read on the recommendation from a friend The book is well written, with an engaging, if very standard, story The main character is likeable and easy to feel for The situation is one that many people seem to wish for, and the book covers a bit of both sides, but is fairly predictable The book seems written much for the late teen audience than my target demographic My final though a nice fluffy piece good for a quick read if you enjoy teen rom coms.

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    So I didn t hate this book, I felt apathetic about it.It was a typical rock band makes big, craziness ensues story that we ve heard a million times, I was mostly just bored with the whole thing.If you want a fluffy, no real substance book then this is it, but if you re looking for unique and gritty, I d have to say pass on this one Received an ARC for honest review.

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    Very cute Loved all the characters Story was predictable but that didn t take away from the guilty pleasure of it A cinderella story for today.

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Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous characters Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous , audiobook Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous , files book Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous , today Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous , Lifestyles of the Rich and (In)famous b2c02 Nicole Nyx Green, Notorious For Her Red Lipstick And Over The Top Personality, Has Just Snagged The Man Of Her Dreams The Brooding Crashbang Bassist AJ Abbott Well, He Was The Man Of Her Dreams Now That They Re Together, Nyx Is Realizing That He S Way Too Obsessed With His Music To Even Think About Having A GirlfriendAJ S Obsession Pays Off When The Band Meets With Record Executives In New York City, And Nyx Meets Her Half Brother Jeremy Reuniting With Long Lost Family Is Complicated Enough Especially A Long Lost Family Who Are Tabloid Staples , But Nyx Never Expected To Meet TristanSee, Jeremy Happens To Be Best Friends With The Gorgeous, Arrogant Tristan Halifax, An A Lister With A Penchant For Beautiful Women Nyx And Tristan Might Experience Love At First Sight, But Rock Star Ex Boyfriends Are Hard To Forget Especially When They Keep Writing Chart Topping Love Songs Dedicated To Her Red LipstickOvernight, Nyx Becomes America S Sweetheart Scandalizing Parties, Frolicking With Manhattan S Golden Boys, And Being Hounded By Photographers Sure, It S Fun, But Then The Press Starts Turning Nasty Jeopardizing Her Relationship With Tristan, Ruining Her Reputation, And Discovering Her Old Skeletons Plus, There S AJ, Who S Suddenly Morphed Into A Great Guy, And Now Is Fighting To Reignite Their High School RomanceCelebrities Are Supposed To Have It All, Right Money Looks Love But Suddenly, A Downward Spiral Doesn T Seem All That Unrealistic, And Nyx Will Have To Decide What S Important Her New Infamous Lifestyle Or Her Familiar Small Town Roots

About the Author: Tierney Fowler

The long lost Wakefield twin Blair s head minion The BSC party planner AC Slater s ex girlfriend The original Pink Ranger Stephanie Tanner s BFF In addition to crafting young adult and new adult novels, Tierney Fowler works as an IT consultant by day and a style blogger by night She resides in Northern Virginia near four shopping malls, counts leopard as her favorite color, and once shot a