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[[ BOOKS ]] ✫ A Boy Broken  Author Marcus Mills – Dcrjservices.co.uk chapter 1 A Boy Broken , meaning A Boy Broken , genre A Boy Broken , book cover A Boy Broken , flies A Boy Broken , A Boy Broken 50f0b21147a8a I Ve Hit The End Of Discussing My Trauma In Therapy And I M Trying To Smile But I Still Feel Soiled By What Happened You D Never Be Able To Tell That Anything Was Wrong With Me By Just Looking At Me I Ve Got A Loving Family And A Great Job But Underneath The Surface There S An Undeniable Sadness This Is The Shocking True Story Of An Innocent Boy Abused By The Very People Who Said They Would Take Good Care Of Him My Family Began The Path To My Destruction They Used Me And Abused Me This Boy Was Also Sexually Physically And Emotionally Abused By Many People Around Him The Story Starts With Sexual Abuse Within The Family And Culminates In Being Raped In College Yes Men Get Raped Too And That S The Core Of This Story.

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    I don t normally read psychology books much less review them but thought this one should be talked about I picked up this book after one of my dearest friends from college told me over coffee that he was doing some trauma work with his therapist and that it was taking him to some pretty dark places When I started asking questions in an attempt to understand, it was clear that he d said all that he was comfortable with so off to I went in search of clues.After finding trauma and what exactly that meant, I found this book and am shocked, amazed and impressed that my friend could say anything at all In reading A Boy Broken, it blows my mind that the author isn t on lithium or locked up in an asylum after the things that have happened to him I certainly couldn t have This guy was stripped of his manhood, degraded and ritualistically abused for years To be completely frank, I had no idea this sort of crap happened outside the Catholic church.

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    this was truly hard to read the only reason I gave it 4.5 stars and not 5 is because I would have liked to read about the case and the psychological remnants but other than being somewhAt on the short side, which I m glad the abuse didn t continue, however I would have liked to read about the therapy and road to recovery this was a very good short story albeit horrific I definitely would recommend this to someone studying the effects of abuse, but I would warn away the faint of heart.

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    This book is graphic It s sad Terribly sad Why would someone do this to another person is a mystery to me A difficult and confronting read.