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    A handy compilation of research on lucid dreaming from a holistic point of view.Dedicated To the memory of our mothersfor their support of our creative endeavorsand of the pursuit of our dreams.Merci infiniment Dreaming is the art of the mind. Every dream is intrinsically a creative experience As the artists of the night, we are co participants in weaving new creations from the complexity of our entire being Dreaming forms an integral part of who we are Becoming familiar with our dreaming life becomes increasingly important to a life of self inquiry and self understanding Not only do dreams spur insight and person growth, they also help us understand the creative nature of the mind.Integralism originated in the philosophy of purna full, complete, integral yoga meaning to united or bind , translated as integral yoga, a practice that points toward an integration among the material, psychological, and spiritual spheres of knowledge and being For integral yoga, the ultimate goal of life is complete self integration Chaudhuri, 1965 77 Experience unfolds in the physical or somatic space enfolded within our body Human experience contains an emotional aspect that gives it its color and texture, from the passion of excitement to the blandness of boredom Our experience also h...

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    A very academic text, I found it to be informative about different analysis and interpretation methods for dreams, both Western and Eastern I thought the examples given were really interesting.

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Integral Dreaming download Integral Dreaming , read online Integral Dreaming , kindle ebook Integral Dreaming , Integral Dreaming 7594d40598c6 This Innovative Book Offers A Holistic Approach To One Of The Most Fascinating And Puzzling Aspects Of Human Experience Dreaming Advocating The Broad Ranging Vision Termed Integral By Thinkers From Aurobindo To Wilber, Fariba Bogzaran And Daniel Deslauriers Consider Dreams As Multifaceted Phenomena In An Exploration That Includes Scientific, Phenomenological, Sociocultural, And Subjective Knowledge Drawing From Historical, Cross Cultural, And Contemporary Practices, Both Interpretive And Noninterpretive, The Authors Present Integral Dream Practice, An Approach That Emphasizes The Dreamer S Creative Participation, Reflective Capacities, And Mindful Awareness In Working With Dreams Bogzaran And Deslauriers Have Developed This Comprehensive Way Of Approaching Dreams Over Many Years And Highlight Their Methods In A Chapter That Unfolds A Single Dream, Showing How Sustained Creative Exploration Over Time Leads To Transformative Change.