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Capital Kill (Jeff Trask Crime Drama, #1) pdf Capital Kill (Jeff Trask Crime Drama, #1) , ebook Capital Kill (Jeff Trask Crime Drama, #1) , epub Capital Kill (Jeff Trask Crime Drama, #1) , doc Capital Kill (Jeff Trask Crime Drama, #1) , e-pub Capital Kill (Jeff Trask Crime Drama, #1) , Capital Kill (Jeff Trask Crime Drama, #1) a69c7ec3757 A Few Short Blocks From The Safety Of The Museums And Monuments On The National Mall, A Ruthless Killer Prowls The Streets Of Washington DC Federal Prosecutor Jeff Trask Joins A Team Of FBI Agents And Police Detectives As They Try And Solve The Series Of Brutal Murders As The Body Count Rises, The Investigation Leads To A Chilling Confrontation With The Leader Of An International Drug Smuggling Ring, And No One Is Safe, Not Even The Police.Written By Former Washington Prosecutor Marc Rainer, Capital Kill Is A Swirling Thrill Ride Through The Labyrinth Of A Major Federal Investigation And Trial, With A Gripping Conclusion That No One Will See Coming.

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    Very well written prosecutorial and police procedural thriller Involving a Jamaican drug operation in Washington D.C Written by a former Assistant U.S Attorney, it highlights the combined efforts of Washington D.C s pol...

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    What a fantastic book I tend to read many of the same mystery crime writers Finding Marc Rainer s Capital Kill was a refreshing treat The characters were well developed, the plot held my attention and Technical judicial jargon was explained seamlessly within the story I give it 5 stars Please ...

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    Capital Kill is a classic example of an author writing what he knows Marc Rainer is a former prosecutor in the courts of the Washington D.C and a former lawyer with the US Air Force s Judge Advocate General JAG Corps He is married to a former Air Force OSI Special Agent His protagonist, Jeff Trask, shares the same background In the book we also get to meet Lynn, an Air Force OSI Special Agent.This is the first in a series based on Jeff Trask and it is labelled as crime drama It is But it is also a delightful mix of police procedural and legal courtroom thriller I loved it This reader has nearly 30 years of experience of the law both as a former police officer and as trial counsel This book made me feel like I was part of a major investigation all over again The author s writing style drew me in so closely that I felt I was there as part of the team but a mere observer as opposed to an actor.The plot involves Jamaican gangs, cocaine, murder and mayhem set in and around Washington DC The characters are well developed and the dialogue realistic There is nothing about the book that jarred with me The book even contains valuable lessons for any prosecutor in real life Witness Bob Lassiter, Trask s boss, telling him what you...

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    Get ready for one of the best books you ll ever read Marc Rainer s Capital Kill is suspenseful, realistic, touching, and full of shocks and surprises at almost every page turn Rainer s easy to read writing style an...

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    Highly recommend I loved this book Great character development and lots of action If you like crime novels you will enjoy this Going to buy the rest of this author s books

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    This author, a former prosecutor himself, definitely knows his stuff The reality to the criminal justice system and legal procedure is spot on, and he nailed describing strong personalities in police culture I am sure he got to work with his fair share, and wouldn t be surprised if real cops he dealt with heavily inspired some of his characters Having met the author personally, the dry wit and humor in his maincharacter is not surprising he is quite similar My favorite tjing about the story was how callous he portrayed the darkest members of the vriminal underworld, namely the Jamaican drug dealers I do not ...

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    After reading 20% of this book, I decided that I d find interest listening to my hair grow I just couldn t get motivated to finish the book While it got a lot of good reviews, those reviews didn t measure up to expectations One of the few book I gave up on.Edit I finally read this book after 3 years of setting it aside I found the story line interesting and engaging, but it simply didn t engage me as deeply as many other thrillers tend to do I thought the author just missed the opportunity to draw the reader at times Example, when a key character died, it just seemed to fall flat, as a matter of fact, rather than an engaging event It was a decent read, but could have been much better, in my opinion I will be rea...

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    Nicely crafted novel of murders and the prosecution of a serial killer.Police, Prosecuting Attorneys with a liberal dose of US agencies working together to stop a serial killer and a drug dealer Unexpected ending that I loved and highly recommend this book Bring on the next book in the series

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    A very entertaining read The assortment of characters and events keeps the story interesting Terrific writing I predict much success in this author s future.

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    Fast paced political mystery thriller, taking place in Washington, D.C The story doesn t end until the last page is turned

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