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    I was liking this book right up until the cave scene It got weird then The whole black puddle evaporating thing my emotions haha it actually made me laugh Then it got really weird when the spirit of his dead wife and child who by the way was not born when she died 30 years earlier, but apparently the spirit of the child is STUCK in child form gave her approval of his new relationship right AFTER he HAD relations with his little fae wolf wifey So does that mean his dead wife just watched him conceive his child with his new wife Ew weird It was cool until the end OK well it was a little weird when all the males in the pack would show up every time Jarrett and Ariel so much as touched each other They would look up and all these men were standing there watching them Again, ew

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    Setting Colorado mountains, Theme moving on, love, self forgivenessCharacters Ariel Abidos a fae werewolf she is fairly unique for a fae Stronger than most of the other fae something is snagging her fellow fae, no struggle, no tracks, just a lingering icky smell and she is tracing the smell to Lawson s land.Jarrett Lawson alpha 30 years earlier Jarrett led his pack into battle with the Ancients when he harmed one that took the life of his sister, who had broken a law and he lost his gentle mate in the battle and the pack was punished by the males being imprisoned on a ranch in Wyoming for 30 years, separated from their mates though Jarrett has accepted responsibility, and has made amends except he has buried his guilt and self hatred in the field where Chloe was killed now the pack is free, but the males will not have sex with their mates until Jarrett takes a new mate gets her pregnant Before Chloe, he and Ariel had a passionate relationship, but she slipped out of his bed before actually having sex and disappeared His packmates drive her to him when she shows up on the property.Chloe Jarrett s mate, gentle, dependant, dead Cael Ariel s father, who kept her hidden from Jarrett, and who sent her to find the evil taking their people.Summary The passion flares between Ariel and Jarrett but Jarrett s heart is frozen he wants her physically, he sees her as the solution to the pack s need she resists a bit because she wants of him and when she orgasms, her body chemical pheromones glow, and calls to the weres sexual impulses which Jarrett ends up using by making love to her in part so that his pack will be overcome with the need to mate with their mates and they re not too shy they make love wherever they find a spot in jarrett s house But the black cloud that is trying to snag Ariel is grown from Jarrett s self hate buried in the field ultimately he finds his heart, and her place in his heart, and forgives himself, and defeats the dark cloud, releasing the fae.Memorable scenes

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    This is sort of a continuation of the previous story The antagonist not necessarily a villain from the previous story, Jarett Lawson, returns home from his prison with the rest of his pack, they refuse to have sex with their mates until Jarett has mated again So they take extra care to herd a female shifter who strays into their territory to his cabin She is Ariel Abidos, who Jarett once thought to mate with before ultimately mating with the woman who died Ariel is a half Fae half shifter who gives off super strong pheromones that attract wolves when she s aroused She s searching for her missing people and asks Jarett for help He agrees, but only if she ll mate with him This is a different story, but I keep seeing the same elements popping up For example, that moment after they first have sex and the woman realizes she s been betrayed I didn t think it would happen because all along she knew why Jarett wanted her and yet afterwards she seemed surprised And that hard, refusing to love hero only this guy was in the extreme view spoiler So much so that his negativity over the death of his mate has actually taken on a life of its own and is leaching out the life of the Faes hide spoiler

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    Pour tout vous dire, cette nouvelle ne restera pas grav e dans ma m moire Le format tr s court ne permet pas de nous attacher aux personnages principaux Jarett, un chef de meute qui a perdu sa compagne il y a plus de 30 ans et Ariel, une f e venue sur le territoire de Jarett pour enqu ter sur la disparition des siens.Quelques bonnes id es dont la s cr tion de ph romones de la part d Ariel qui attire tous les m les de la meute mais des situations trop tarabiscot es du genre je retrouverai le coupable si tu deviens ma compagne et porte mon h ritier, ou encore quand la d funte compagne fait une apparition la fin pour donner son approbation alors que Jarett et Ariel viennent de se payer une partie de jambes en l air Ouais, rien de tr s excitant Les trois sc nes de sexe en 70 pages raviront peut tre certaines mais pas moi J ai besoin de plus de consistance dans l histoire pour me laisser prendre au jeu Ce ne fut pas le cas ici.

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    Si bien, la historia de Jarret y Ariel se pasa de bola joder, abusaron de eso no por eso deja de ser menos interesante Am a Jarret me lleg al alma literaria el dolor y culpa que sobrellevaba por lo sucedido Me hizo pensar en las m ltiples veces que exploto y me dej llevar antes de sentarme y analizar y sopesar los pro y contra costo beneficios jajajaja XDY tambi n, de no estancarme tanto con el pasado a lo hecho pecho, a perdonarse y a seguir adelante Creo, que dentro de todo lo raro, hay cosas muy lindas a rescatar de este libro

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    At first I was like, omg a new ORIGINAL story and not some limited bullshit like the previous three books Thank goodness it was better than the other three, I was waiting for something good but the whole ending thing How effin pathetic I think this author needs to work a little bit harder in creating books that actually have great endings, cause endings don t seem to be her forte.

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    I thought this was kinda silly his buried feelings was killing the fae Her scent causing chaos, but then not whatever, lol.

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    Short easy to read.

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Seduced by the Wolf (The Ancients, #4) download Seduced by the Wolf (The Ancients, #4) , read online Seduced by the Wolf (The Ancients, #4) , kindle ebook Seduced by the Wolf (The Ancients, #4) , Seduced by the Wolf (The Ancients, #4) 1dde9a0bee0c Jarrett Lawson Can T Fall In Love But He Needs A Woman Pack Rules Dictate That As The Alpha Male, He Must Mate Before The Rest Of His Shifter Community Can But After Losing His Cherished Wife, Jarrett Has Vowed Never To Risk His Heart Again A Vow That Is Tested When Ariel Abidos Reenters His LifeJarrett And Ariel Once Shared An Explosive Sexual Chemistry, But Ariel Left Him With No Explanation Just Before They Became Lovers So When The Sexy Lupine Fae Needs His Help To Investigate Why Her People Are Vanishing On His Ancestral Land, He Asks One Thing In Return That She Become His New Mate