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    Very interesting, as all of the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet Graphic Novels have been This one focuses on the the ten most dangerous animals such as the King Cobra, Lion, Salt Water Crocodile, etc Attacks or encounters are detailed as well as facts about each creature Sadly the major theme in this book is that even though this animals attack and even kill humans each year, the humans are much deadly to the animals, killing an alarming number of them each year.The artwork varies as several artists appear to have been used, but every story is interesting and there s some really good information included as well If you know a younger reader who isn t scared easily by some stories that can be a little frightening at times, this would be a great read for them But also, it s great f...

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    A great graphic novel in COLOR The book is broken up into chapters about the following animals Cape BuffaloAfrican ElephantGrizzly BearHippopotamusKing CobraKomodo DragonAfrican LionRhinocerosSaltwater CrocWild BoarEach chapter contains not only interesting animal facts, but true stories of dangerous encounters with each animal I especially enjoyed the Rhinoceros chapter that discussed how poachers have nearly ki...

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Animal Planet download Animal Planet , read online Animal Planet , kindle ebook Animal Planet , Animal Planet 4db8e8390399 PDF Animal Planet Neo Edmund Pembspm.co.uk Grizzly Bears, Giant Salt Water Crocodiles, Rogue Lions We Don T Occupy A Place On Their List Of Usual Prey Items And Rarely Do We Cross Paths With These Deadly Predators Still, On Occasion, The Most Dangerous Animals In The Wild Set Their Sights On Humans And When They Do The Results Can Be Devastating This First Book In Silver Dragon Books Animal Planet Series Looks At These Terrifying Encounters And Illustrates What Happens When Humans Interact With The World S Most Dangerous Animals