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Boss Man quotes Boss Man , litcharts Boss Man , symbolism Boss Man , summary shmoop Boss Man , Boss Man 9936a331 Penny Lane Has Had It Rough At Work Her New Boss Is A Slave Driver, So She Decides To Attend An Exclusive Party, Desperately Needing To Blow Off Some Steam.There She Meets Andrew, A Hunky Blond, And Decides To Take Him Up On His Offer For Some Mutual Pleasure, Not Only To Share Some Time With Him But His Best Friend As Well Penny Is Than Happy To Play Along There Is A Twist To His Proposal And She Ends Up Blindfolded She Spends A Few Sweet Hours Being Pleasured By Two Men After The Blindfold Comes Off She Discovers The Mystery Man Is Her Employer Dante Parker She Flees, Embarrassed And Humiliated, But Dante Isn T Quite Through With Penny He Plans On Not Only Continuing Their Time Together But He S Also Going To Show Her The Hot Passion To Be Found In A Little Bondage He S Determined To Show Penny How Sweet It Is To Surrender To The Bossman.Contains M F M, Light Bondage, Menage

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    Just another sappy love story with the little bit of menage

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    I really liked this but I felt a couple of things were unexplained or unexplored I m not sure if I read between the lines too much or perhaps there was content that was later edited out.First of all, the love scenes were pretty incredible Although my tastes are ever evolving and I m not a huge fan of menage right now, the scenes at the start of this really did set my hair on fire I think it s a real gift to be able to fling your characters straight into a love scene without much build up This was done believably and effortlessly.What didn t add up for me was that Dante and Penny are both unsure that the other recognises them from high school and so neither of them mentions it I found that odd Also, if their mutual crush really was a two way street, why didn t either of them pursue it and why didn t Dante ask Penny to the prom I know he had another girlfriend at the time, but why was he with her I was a little taken aback that Andrew and Dante know Kale so well When Kale fin...

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    Penny isn t sure if her boss realizes they knew each other in high school She is sure he doesn t remember herwhich means he also doesn t remember the ridiculous school girl crush she had on him When she gets invited to a naughty party, she throws caution to the wind and ends up in a menage with 2 sexy strangers Well, she thinks they are strangers until her blindfold is removed and she realizes that one of the men is none other than her boss Mortified, she flees the party and the menbut once Dante has had a taste of her deliciousness, he has to have This was a great story I love it when the ugly duckling turns into a swan and finds the love of her life ________________________...

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    High school crush now your boss What to do Penny Lane not the song has been hot for Dante since high school She was the awkward emo girl and he was straight A student jock I am confused because at one point Dante mentions his coach will take him off probation or something like that which means he didn t do well in a course Now, Dante is Penny s boss s boss Things get tangled up when he shows up to an invitation only sex party hosted and thrown by Penny s friend So, here s where I m confused Dante and Penny s friend are cousins Dante is invited to this type of party and doesn t even talk to his cousin about it If everyone knew Penny had the hots for Dante when she was in high school, this didn t come up by the cousin Not likely.Since the party was for rich people who are all beautiful, I categorized this as glitterkink The BDSM was ...

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    This was on the short side, but super sweet Hot menage, but not permanent I m thinking either a book on Andrew and Kale already exists or will Might have to go searching I can t even imagine the horror I would feel if I found out my boss ...

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    Penny Lane is ready for a vacation since her new boss works everyone to the bone Since the vacation is out of the question, she ll have to settle for a much needed night out at an exclusive, decadent party At the party, Penny meets the drop dead gorgeous Andrew Dawson who invites her to join him and his best friend for a red hot m nage The one caveat Penny is blindfolded The erotic play Penny, Andrew, and the other man engage in is almost too good to be true until the blindfold is removed and Penny finds out that the second man is her boss, Dante Parker Penny flees, horrified and furious with Dante, but the boss man isn t quite done with her yet He ll tempt her with the idea of fulfilling her m nage fantasy, but what Penny doesn t know is that Dante plans to win her heart for himself and himself only.Sierra Summers knocks it out of the park with the wild and wicked Boss Man The eroticism of Boss Man is so hot, I m surprised my screen wasn t singed Yet, as much as I enjoyed the sexiness of Boss Man, what makes the story great are the characters Penny and Dante are smart, hardworking people that have a shared history which deepens their present connection I enjoyed the fireworks whenever the two were in the same room and eagerly read Boss Man, waiting for them to get their happily ever after with one another In fact, I was so captivated by Penny and Dante s story that, even...

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    See My Review At curling HOTNESS Nicely written, with relatable characters, and a situation right out of your favorite fantasy makes this an irresistible novella With just the right amount of kinkiness, including light bondage and a little m nage, this stor...

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    I am a big fan of office romance but this one just made me want to close it, but being cursed with the habit of finishing books if i started it, i had no choice but to read every freaking line to make sure it mad...

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    Steamy, short erotica story Penny was an outcast in high school and was crushed out on the unattainable Dante Now he s her boss and she ends up in a hot menage with him and his friend A bit of angst and a happy ending Hot sex I ll look for other stories by this author if they have chubby heroines.

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    Very short read Heroine used to have a crush on the hero when they were in high school but he was the jock and she was the chubby, shy girl Years later she s still a little chubby but he s now her boss and has finally noticed her.

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